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by Charlie Finch
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Over the years, the art world has produced a number of ripe intellectuals on the order of Susan Sontag: Jan Avgikos, Katy Siegel, Ana Finel Honigman. They are dark, they are alluring, they suck intellectual content into the expanding vacuum of their darkening curiosity. Like starfish, when you cut off an arm, the arm grows back, slurping up extra brain cells from the head to quickly regenerate.

But no dark monster of the stacks (and now tweets) has ever equaled Rozalia Jovanovic. Yes, I too figured Jovanovic was a tennis star, until I read her Facebook page and breathed her twitters and noticed her new entries at GalleristNY, the New York Observer's hyperdriven online art express.

Rozalia is a fan of Lou Reed, she knows that John Adams is a composer and not just two Presidents. She has seen a Pipilotti Rist and been to Bushwick just this weekend, where, gasp, she saw Roberta and Jerry. She has sat at the feet of Biesenbach and Franco and all the other minor prophets. And most importantly of all, Rozalia has reported, in Rumpus and Flavorpill and Gigantic and the Believer and Modern Painters.

But that is not enough, constantly Rozalia tweets like some great and growing Borgesian library, possessing all culture and then using it to possess us! She doesn't have an opinion, for when you have all the knowledge in the world that IS your opinion! Like some evercharging pugilist of the mind, Jovanovic plunges forward into the ring of culture, glowing, gliding, gladiating, never to pause. Sonic Youth! Josephine Meckseper! Rick Santorum!

Rozalia has discovered them all, and like some dark, bewitching monster APP, she will shove it into us, without ceasing. She is a gilded dump truck and culture is her garbage! Eat!

CHARLIE FINCH is co-author of Most Art Sucks: Five Years of Coagula (Smart Art Press).