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Still from Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams, 2010
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by Charlie Finch

I had been looking forward to seeing Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams for a while, but dreaded getting a headache from the 3D glasses, which I had last used during a previous 3D revival in 1984, when a bunch of Hitchcock flicks, such as Dial M for Murder, were released theatrically in 3D. People told me that the 3D procedures had advanced from the old days, but the same bogus glasses are still in use. So, when I got out of the 100-degree heat last week and into the air conditioning of the CC Village East Cinemas, I put the glasses on (at a cost of $17.50 a pop and you have to return them) and, voila, same stupid 3D "experience" and a headache aborning.