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León Ferrari
Untitled from the series Relecturas de la Biblia (Rereadings of the Bible)
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by Charlie Finch

I went to the Museum of Modern Art several weeks ago for the opening of "Alphabets: Mira Schendel and Leon Ferrari." The crowd, as befits the cream of Latin America, was elegant, tastefully dressed and downright gorgeous. I had a chance to talk with Angela Westwater about her current Malcolm Morley show and to laugh it up with my old pal Nessia Pope. The show itself, another exhaustive survey, this time exhuming the work of two lifelong semioticians from Brazil and Argentina, might be dubbed "oodles of doodles," since it features canvases of alphabets and Twomblyesque scribbles, elaborate sculptures of bones, and nothing but writing and more writing verging on meaninglessness.