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Marco Anelli’s photos for "Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present" -- Day 36, Portrait 9
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by Charlie Finch

Like the dedicated newshound/voyeur I have become, last week I returned to Marco Anelli’s photo stream of Marina Abramovic’s subjects for a second time. Overall, Anelli’s brilliant capture of universal humanism is the equal of Rineke Dijkstra and Y.Z. Kami. Let’s get the startists and celebrities, very few as a percentage of participants, out of the way: Terence Koh, Orly Genger, Isabella Rossellini, Rosalee Goldberg, Flavin Judd, Colette and Andres Serrano. Perspicaciously, Marina’s dealer, Sean Kelly, made a few additional house calls, as did Chrissie Iles of the Whitney, sporting each time the benign smile of curatorial approval.