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At a press conference for the launch of the New York City Waterfalls, from left, Public Art Fund director Rochelle Steiner, PAF president Susan K. Freedman, artist Olafur Eliasson, and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Photo by Edward Reed
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by Charlie Finch

Always bubbly and bright, Creative Time maîtresse Anne Pasternak can also be refreshingly frank, as when she remarked on the PBS special, The Waterfalls: Making Public Art, that "for better or for worse, we are part of gentrification. Creative Time has always been on top of change in New York City." What bothers me about public art groups like Creative Time and the Public Art Fund is that they are artistic masks for the machinations of the powerful, the elite and the economically obtuse controllers who are driving the world economy to hell by swapping and trading financial instruments that no one understands.