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Anthony James
Birch 4x4x2
Holasek Weir Gallery
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by Charlie Finch

Since we last wrote about him in January 2005, Anthony James has created a new body of work which goes on view at Chelsea's Holasek Weir Gallery on Mar. 9, 2006.

The installation takes Marcel Duchamp's Etant Donnes apart piece by piece. Central is a life-size figure of a woman whose left arm is raised in a triumphant refutation of Duchamp's headless, withered tribute to his sister. James created this beautiful piece by scanning one of his supermodel friends with a computer. "She weighed only 85 pounds and easily fit into a box to be scanned for three hours," Anthony told us, "and subsequently, I cut the figure to exact specifications, in aluminum, with lasers." The lasers added a fascinating crisscross patina on the surface of this ravishing figure.