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Mike Kelley, "Kandor 10 / Extracturricular Activity Projective Reconstruction #34, Kandor 12 / Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction #35," installation view, Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills. Photo by Fredrik Nilsen
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by Hunter Drohojowska-Philp

Eight years have passed since Mike Kelley’s work was last featured in a large solo show in his hometown of Los Angeles. It was worth the wait. Like Clark Kent bursting from a phone booth with red cape flying, Kelley’s first show at Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills is a triumph. Comparing Kelley with Superman is not the stretch it might seem, since the show is built around Kelley’s sculptural recreations of the fictional Kryptonian city of Kandor, the one miniaturized by evil Braniac and saved in a glass bell jar by the superhero.