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Untitled (Pandora's Box),

racing forms
by p.c. smith
a gallery tip sheet

Bianca Sforni
at Paul Kasmin

Jan. 23-Feb. 22, 1997

Photography's inclusiveness is its unique virtue. It forces us to see things in contexts; its accident-prone informality helps us reassess our perceptions. Bianca Sforni, on the other hand, gives her photographs the isolation of monolithic sculpture. Set against an uninflected backdrop, taken out of context, her subjects become enigmas. Some look vegetable, and many seem mineral, or perhaps eroded bits of animal shell or bone, but one can't even judge their scale. Sforni refuses to identify them. Many have elegant lines, that flare into a petal- curve, or bump along to a nub. Sforni's unobtrusively dramatic lighting revels in rendering. Besides normal-scaled prints, the show features five mural prints mounted on corrugated aluminum, 4 x 8 ft. verticals that have impressive tonal richness. A young Italian artist based in Paris, Sforni calls her second solo at Kasmin "Pandora's Box." The box is still closed, teasing but not threatening.