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An untitled work by Jessica Stockholder
1997, 65 inches high

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david ebony's
new york top ten

jessica stockholder
at jay gorney

Apr. 5-May 10, 1997

Sculptor Jessica Stockholder chooses her materials -- household plastic items and the like -- with a large dose of humor. But the work she produces proves to be a serious endeavor whereby solids in space take on the attributes of more mutable substances such as liquids or gases. The six recent untitled large-scale works on view in this show are as much about the interchangeableness of earth, air and water as they are about the dissolution of the barriers dividing painting and sculpture. In one work, she attaches to the wall rectangular plastic forms painted red, pink, green and yellow. Hanging nearby, a circular gray panel resembles a mirror. This form is loosely connected by a metal chain to a bunch of long-handled scoops of bright orange plastic that rest on the floor near a blue plastic toilet plunger. The scoops act as a unifying agent as they incite a rather shrill and intense correspondence among all of the components of the piece. In this work, and in all of the other sculptures on view, Stockholder achieves a super-fluidity of volume, color and texture that has by now become the hallmark of her art.