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Jennifer Steinkamp
Happy Happy,

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david ebony's
new york top ten

Jennifer Steinkamp at Bravin Post Lee

Jan. 4-Feb. 1, 1997

California artist Jennifer Steinkamp managed to hold center stage in New York with the exciting projection works she presented in this show. Her installation titled Happy Happy has to be one of the most innovative examples of the genre. Accompanied by electronic music by Grain, computer- generated animation projected by two laser disk players fills the entire back wall of the darkened gallery space. An undulating field of colorful explosions and energetic, tangled lines incorporate the silhouettes of viewers as they walk toward the wall, blocking one of the projections. The piece has the effect of totally enfolding the viewer in another world, the virtual reality of the artist's imagination.

In the back room was a somewhat more tame, but no less enthralling film projection piece in which black lines animate a corner of the room. They change form in rapid-fire succession from flat grids to architectonic structures. In these dazzling works, Steinkamp could be offering a preview of 21st century art.