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Michael Mazur
Fable II, 1996-97, oil on canvas, 72 x 72 in.

david ebony's
new york top ten

michael mazur
at mary ryan

Mar. 27-May 3, 1997

In the shimmering paintings in this exhibition, Michael Mazur has arrived at a clear personal idiom -- a form of abstraction with subtle landscape references, which he has been developing over the years. While his palette is broadly exuberant, he limits his brush strokes to just a few energetic but simple gestures. As in ancient Chinese painting, which Mazur's images sometimes recall, these brush strokes can almost be catalogued. Most of the luminous canvases on view in this show are made of countless layers of short daubs of thin paint that drip down the canvas. In many works, these markings are complimented by slender and graceful elongated horizontal lines.

In a large painting, Two Hills, the landscape appears to dissolve into an ethereal mist. Canvases such as Aurora I and Fable II, are works of pure painting. In these canvases and a number of others on view, Mazur sets aside all landscape references. Here, the subject is light itself.