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Joseph Marioni, 
installation view 
with Yellow 

© ArtNet Worldwide 1997

david ebony's 
new york top ten

Joseph Marioni
at peter blum
October 19, 1996 - Jan. 11, 1997 
In the Minimalist arena alone, New York 
this season has an embarrassment of riches. 
There are Ellsworth Kelly shows at the 
Guggenheim and Matthew Marks, and Richard 
Serra's nasty (and fantastic) heavy metal 
blocks are at Gagosian downtown. But Peter 
Blum's stunning exhibition of recent works 
by Joseph Marioni is my favorite. Facing 
the gallery entrance, a large (9 x 6 ft.) 
Yellow Painting, like a giant beacon, lures 
gallery visitors inside a space filled with 
dense monochrome canvases. Once surrounded 
by these glowing panels, you are never let 
down. Each of the glassy surfaces encases a 
vibrant, pulsating color just screaming to 
get out into the world. The small Red 
Painting, for instance, is particularly 
potent. A quiet drip of bright vermilion 
near the bottom of the canvas adds wild 
drama to this surface that seems at once 
ossified and alive. Marioni's subtle 
layering results in colors that I don't 
believe I have ever seen before. 
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