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Patrick Heron, 
4 September-5 September, 

david ebony's 
new york top ten

Patrick Heron 
at Salander O'Reilly
Nov. 5-30, 1996
Patrick Heron, a veteran English painter 
and writer born in Leeds, is well-known in 
Britain (a Tate Gallery retrospective opens 
in 1998), but this show is his first in New 
York since 1978. In these large brilliant 
canvases, Heron conveys an experience of 
light. He attempts to pick up where Bonnard 
and Matisse left off in terms of an 
exploration of light through sparkling 
color on a white ground. His means to that 
end is an exuberant brushwork akin to the 
Abstract Expressionists by way of late 
Picasso. Heron's book, The Changing Forms 
of Art, written in the '50s, effected my 
thoughts about art, and these terrific 
paintings, the first of his I've seen in 
person, may change the way I look at art. 

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