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Julian Hatton, 
Double Dip, 1996, 
oil on panel, 
20 x 12 in.

david ebony's 
new york top ten

Julian Hatton
at Elizabeth Harris
Nov. 14-Dec. 21, 1996 
Julian Hatton paintings are ostensible 
landscapes, but they are not landscape 
scenes, nor impressions of landscape. 
Instead, the artist, inspired by natural 
forms, paints his thoughts about the 
interaction of humanity and nature. For 
Hatton, landscape painting is both a 
physical and a metaphysical exercise. His 
works are both microcosms and macrocosms, 
internal and external, of the body and 
outside the body. A work such as Double Dip 
has all the elements of a portrait, yet it 
remains recognizable as a landscape. Using 
jarring color relationships, halting, 
jagged lines and a large dose of humor, 
Hatton reveals to us a little known facet 
of our relationship to nature. 

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