Don Eddy, Theoria Physica (Job's Answer), 1995, acrylic on canvas, 61 x 74 in.
david ebony's 
new york top ten

Don Eddy 
at Nancy Hoffman
Oct. 19-Nov. 30, 1996
Don Eddy was one of the first Photo-Realist 
painters and is still widely regarded as 
one of the best. Who cares that Photo-
Realism is out of fashion? Don Eddy is 
doing the finest work of his long career. 
In this show, Eddy has turned away from 
images of consumerism: toys and shoes and 
other goods piled up on shiny store 
shelves. Here, he presents a group of 
triptychs that are about searching, longing 
and discovery. Like some New Age guru, 
Eddy, in these beautifully realized 
canvases, seems to point the way to an era 
of peace, love and understanding. Gushing 
waterfalls, clasping hands and blossoming 
trees, juxtaposed with tropical fish, 
ancient ruins and desert landscapes, are 
just a few of the images that Eddy uses to 
convey his hopeful message. 
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