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John DeAndrea
Jennifer, 1996, polyvinyl, oil paint, natural hair, life-size

david ebony's
new york top ten

john deandrea
at ok harris

Apr. 5- 26, 1997

Undisturbed by the cacophony of passing trends, John DeAndrea continues his exploration of perfection. His idea of perfection is the female nude, and the six recent works on view in this show are flawless realizations of his vision. His meticulously detailed life-size sculptures are made of polyvinyl, oil paint and human hair. Of the four single figures, a standing blond holding a cloth is the most eerily lifelike. A Mother and Child piece is perhaps less so, but it has a certain warmth and charm that one doesn't usually associate with DeAndrea's icy ladies. A pair of dark-skinned young women embracing is probably the most sensuous of the works on display, although I think critics have over-emphasized the sensuous aspects of DeAndrea's work.

I feel that the artist aims for a kind of perfection in his work that is directly related to Classical Greek sculpture. This is one of the reasons why he was Dalí's favorite contemporary sculptor. It is also what separates DeAndrea's art from the more American culture-specific images of Duane Hanson, the super- realist sculptor whose passing has left DeAndrea in the forefront of the genre.