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The Museum of Modern Art opens
"Cindy Sherman: The Complete Untitled Fim Stills"
-- June 26-Sept. 2, 1997 --
Also on view: "Projects: John Currin, Elizabeth Peyton, Luc Tuymans" (June 24-Sept.9)

Michel Auder

Cindy Sherman

Brian Wallis
and daughter

Helene Winer of
Metro Pictures

Curator Valerie Smith

John Currin and
Andrea Rosen

Artist & Columbia U.
professor Ronald Jones

New York dealer
Ted Bonin

Artist and AC Project
Room director Anne Chu

Video artist
Gretchen Bender

Ray Learsy

Mariacristina Parravicini

Nancy Dwyer and
Oliver Wasow

James Casebere

Dike Blair and
Lisa Yuskavage