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Remembering Times Past
Works by Sonia Balassanian, Nora Fisch, Leandro Katz, Ilya Kabakov,
Oliver Nikolich, Michael Schwab, Ana Tiscornia and Guram Tsibakh
Curated by Irena Popiashvili at Apex Art in New York
Sept. 9-Oct. 10, 1998

Apex director
Steven Rand

Curator Irena Popiashvili

Uruguayan artist
Ana Tiscornia

Buenos Aires digitalist Nora Fisch

Leandro Katz

Willoughby Sharp

Curator and critic
Max Henry

Balkan photo-pickler
Oliver Nikolich

Apex Art assistant director Gregory Williams

Allen Ruppersberg

Lydia Dona

Freelance curator Adrienne Klein and husband Doug

Dennis Oppenheim