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  Summer Groove
P.S.1 in Long Island City gets a head start on summer on June 20, 1999, with the contemporary Irish art show "0044," a traveling exhibition of interspecies art called "Animal.Anima.Animus," an exhibition of paintings by David Reed, and architect Philip Johnson inaugurating his dj booth and dance pavilion, the first collaborative project of P.S.1 and the Museum of Modern Art.
P.S.1 director
Alanna Heiss
The dj booth and dance pavilion
DJ Phil J
MoMA director
Glenn D. Lowry
P.S.1 publicist
Chloe Stromberg
New York Times architecture critic Herbert Muschamp
MoMA communicator Graham Leggatt
MoMA chairman
Ron Lauder
John Reed
"Anima" artist Carolee Schneemann
Hotel New York proprietor
Jeanne van Heesjvik
Xu Bing's sheep on the roof
Xu Bing, The Opening, 1998 in "Animal"
Xu Bing
Jose Bedia, Teachings of the Fox, 1999, in "Animal"
French artist
Hubert Duprat
Arthur Danto
Siobhán Hapaska, Hanker, 1997, in "0044"
Andrew Kearney, Isn't It Normal, 1999, in "0044"
Daphne Wright, Indeed Indeed, 1998, in "0044"
"Anima" performance artist Colin Beatty
David Reed
"Animal" co-curator Linda Weintraub