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On view at the 48th Venice Biennale.
Rene Cox
Critic Marcia Vetrocq
Artist Jody Culkin
Mark Kostabi
Colin DeLand
Jorge Molder at the Portuguese Pavilion
Momenta Art's Eric Heist
John Armleder
Manolo Valdez, The Bag, 1997, at the Spanish Pavilion
Louise Bourgeois, Three Horizontals, 1998
The Italian Pavilion
Jill Sussman
The French Pavilion
James Lee Byars,
The Spinning Oracle of Delphi, 1986
Holly Solomon
Critic Daniel Pinchbeck
Art dealer and chef
Pierre Higonnet
Mario Diacono
Portuguese art professor Jurgen Beck
Wolfgang Winter & Berthold Hörbelt, Kastenhaus 1840.16, 1999
Danish artist
Peter Blonde
Commandment by Tom Dean, in the Canadian Pavilion
Roman Signer, Piaggio Fountain, at the Swiss Pavilion
Howard Arkley, Houseomorphics, 1996, at the Australian Pavilion
Tatsuo Miyajima at the Japanese Pavilion
Dieter Roth, Soloszenen, 1997-98
Artist Laura Parnes
Florence Lynch
Gracie Mansion
Emily Harvey
Grand Master Flash