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  Artists in the Springtime
Out at the openings of their shows at New York galleries
Kerry James Marshall
at Jack Shainman
Mike Kelly
at Metro Pictures
Karin Davie
at Marianne Boesky
Paul Bloodgood
at AC Project Room
Joe Shannon
at D'Amelio Terras
Nils Norman at American Fine Arts
Nick Waplington
at Holly Solomon
Steven Harvey
at Gallery Schlesinger
James Reilly
at Spencer Brownstone
Adam Ross at Caren Golden
Miroslav Balka at Barbara Gladstone
Andrew Bick
at Leibman Magnan
Bruce Pearson at
Ronald Feldman Fine Arts
Ophrah Shemesh and Christopher Brooks
at Rupert Goldsworthy
Chuck Nanney at Nick Debs
Harald Klingelhöller
at Bonakdar Jancou
Julia Jacquette
at Holly Solomon
Joseph Schneider at Trans Hudson
Meredith Monk at Frederieke Taylor TZ'Art
Patty Chang at Jack Tilton