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Yo Brooklyn!
The opening of the "Current Undercurrent: Working in Brooklyn" at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, July 24, 1997 - Jan. 25, 1998, featuring works by more than 250 artists affiliated with the Brooklyn galleries Pierogi 2000, Momenta Art, Four Walls and Arena.

Cynthia Hartling

Brooklyn curator
Charlotta Kotik

Elana Herzog

Renée Riccardo

Paul Henry Ramirez

Pierogi 2000's
Joe Amrhein

Roxy Paine

Shari Mendelson

Yasmin Ramirez

Marilla Palmer

Fred Tomaselli

James Hyde

Bruce Pearson

Jim Esber

Holly Miller

Alison Slon

Aunrico Batson

Laura Parnes
and Eric Herst
of Momenta Art