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Soho / East Village, New York

October 11-12, 1996

Detail of Dan Graham 
work at Wooster Gardens 

Detail of Dan Graham 
work at Wooster Gardens

Detail of Dan Graham 
work at Wooster Gardens

Dan Graham and 
Nicholas Logsdail of 
Lisson Gallery at 
Wooster Gardens 
grand opening

Paul Kasmin Gallery 
Director Fiona 
Howe after seeing 
Aura Rosenberg's 
exhibition at 
Wooster Gardens

Sniffing oil: Brad 
Kahlhamer opens at 
Bronwyn Keenan

Guggenheim's Director 
of Education 
Marilyn Goodman

ArtNet Paparazza 
Mary Barone of 
Marion Goodman with 
Bronwyn Keenan

Painter Brad Kahlhamer 

Harry Druzd, artist and 
barman at Lower East 
Side watering hole 
Max Fish. Now showing 
his paintings next 
door at Pink Pony

ArtNet columnist Carlo 
McCormick with The 
Voluptuous Horror of 
Karen Black's Kembra 
Pfahler and Samoa

Kembra's new tan line

Michael Goodwin at his
Painting Center opening

Lisa Yuskavage opens
at Boesky & Callery

Artist Freya Hansell

A Robert Reitzfeld 

Robert Reitzfeld at his
opening with uniformed 
Lauren Wittels Gallery

A Robert Reitzfeld 
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