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SoHo, New York

Saturday, April 7, 1996

Rebecca Howland with her
work Oil Tankers on 
Fire, 1982, in the 
Drawing Center show, 
'Cultural Economies'

Rebecca Howland's
Manhattan as a Dead
Horse, 1983, at the
Drawing Center

The Art Market

'Can You Digit?'
exhibition at 
Postmasters Gallery

Screen Shot of Terbo
View96 by Terbo Ted 
at Postmasters

Atlanta Multimedia 
producer Mary Ann
at Postmasters

Sandra Gering

John Trembay's
1995 (top-view macro
detail) at Gering

Dealers Patrick Callery
and Gracie Mansion with
Matthew Abbott painting 
at the newly-opened 
Boesky & Callery Gallery

Dealer Annie
Herron at Black and
Herron Gallery

Charles LeDray's
Milk and Honey (detail)
at Jay Gorney 
Modern Art

Dealer Jay Gorney
with Beth Harbottle,
writer Jerry Saltz,
and LeDray's
Milk and Honey

Dealer Colin Deland
with 3-D artist 
Christopher Sperandio

Livestock Gallery's
Rich Collicchio with 
Kiely Jenkins work

Artist Miguel Calderon
with ArtNet columnist
Carlo McCormick at
Livestock Gallery

          Photographs by Doug Milford