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The 5th annual Outsider Art Fair

Jan. 24-26, 1997

Chicago dealer 
Carl Hammer.

Randall Morris 
from Cavin-Morris, N.Y.

William Edmundson, 
Sheep, c. 1933-40, 
at Fleisher-Ollman.

John Ollman 
in front of 
William Hawkins's 

Robots by 
Jim Bauer at 
Primitive, N.Y.

Dealer Henry Boxer
from Richmond,

Joe Coleman's
Devil Anse 
Hatfield (detail)
at Boxer. 

Carlo McCormick
Outsider art expert

Tod Shaffer
of Modern Primitive
Gallery, Atlanta

Damien Rojo's 
Pretty Pencil Caddy 
at Joy Moos, Miami

Shelby Gilley 
of Gilley's Gallery, 
Baton Rouge

Melrose Plantation 
Quilt by Clementine 
Hunter, at Gilley's

Roger Ricco of 
Ricco/Maresca, N.Y.

Luise Ross

           Photographs by Walter Robinson