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Art Chicago 1996
Opening at Navy Pier

May 9 1996

Roy Lichtenstein Suit

Perry Rubenstein with
Warhol Double Elvis  

Art fair impressarios:
Basel's Lorenzo Rudolf
Chicago's Tom Blackman
and Basel's
Samuel Keller 

Dealer Daniel Templon
Self Portrait
with Gabrielle

LA Dealer
Fred Hoffman with
Hiro Yamata
Painted Mercedes

Santa Fe Dealer
Laura Carpenter 

Jill Sussman of
Marian Goodman Gallery
with London Gallery
White Cube's Jay Jopling
with Damien Hirst Painting 

Dealer Peder Bonnier
with Sara Fitzmaurice

NY Dealer
Charles Cowles

Stuart Regan and
Shaun Caley of
LA's Regan Projects

Tz'art's Frederica Taylor 

ArtNet's Sam Hartley
& Lee Weber


Photographs by Walter Robinson and Doug Milford