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Matthew Marks, Barbara Gladstone and Metro Pictures open

West Chelsea - November 17, 1996

Metro Picture's
Janelle Reiring (center)
shows Tony Oursler

Matthew Marks
Metro Pictures
Barbara Gladstone
Galleries, W. 26th St.

Tony Oursler work
at Metro Pictures 

Gary Hill at
Barbara Gladstone

Barbara Gladstone

Gary Hill at
Barbara Gladstone

Matthew Marks at his
"Open Secrets: 70 
Pictures on Paper,
1815 to the 
Present" opening

Marlborough's Tom
Cugliani with Robert
Rosenblum and
Jane Kaplowitz

Brice Marden (center)
contemplates work

Artists Dennis Balk
and Judtith Barry

Artists Gary Simmons 
and Ronald Jones

 Photographs with the Olympus D-300 L Digital Camera by Doug Milford