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National Black Fine Art Show
at the Puck Building in Manhattan

Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 1997

Gordon Parks.

Faith Ringgold, 
On the Beach 
(detail), 1991
at ACA Galleries

Chester Higgins, Jr.

Pace Primitive's 
Dick Solomon.

Kumu Mask, 
Zaire, at 
Pace Primitive.

Fair organizer 
Josh Wainwright.

New York 
Bill Hodges.

Aarne Anton 
of American 
Primitive, New York.

Santa Monica 
dealers Peter 
Fetterman and
Mia Matheson.

New York 
gallerist Skoto.

A work by 
Al Loving at 
Philadelphia's Sande 
Webster Gallery.

and art patron 
Ed Bradley.

        Organized by Wainright/Smith Associates (212) 777-5218