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Winter Antiques Show,
at the Seventh Regiment Armory.

Jan. 17-26, 1997

Peter Schaeffer of 
A la Vieille Russie. 

At A la Vieille Russie, 
a Kovsh with cloisonne 
enameling, done by 
Maria Semenova in 
St. Petersburg, c. 1880.

 At G.K.S. Bush of 
Washington, D.C., 
a classical convex mirror, 
c. 1800-1815, with 
elaborate giltwood frame.

 Donald Ellis and 
Maryanne Bastien of 
Donald Ellis Gallery, 

New York dealer 
Frederich Schultze, 
head of the National 
Association of 
Dealers in Ancient, 
Oceanic and Primitive Art

A set of early 
19th-century English 
silhouettes, at 
Taylor B. Williams 
Antiques, Chicago.

Spencer Throckmorton 
of Throckmorton 
Fine Art, New York. 

 At Throckmorton, 
a Nazca double-serpent 
loincloth of woven 
feathers, c. 400-600.

Marnie Reasor of 
Leigh Keno, New York.

           Photographs by Walter Robinson