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September openings at Roebling Hall, Pierogi 2000, Star67, Eyewash and Momenta Art.

"Out of Order," Sept. 9th, 1999, at Roebling Hall, 390 Wythe Ave.
Work by Christoph Draeger, Luis Macias, Guy Richards Smit and Diego Toledo.

Christoph Draeger with his photomural Catastrophe No. 2 (detail)
Filmmaker Reynold Reynolds and actress Lea Kelmann
zingmagazine's Devon Dikeou with Luis Macias' Unreported Circumstances (detail)
Roebling Hall's Christian Viveros-Fauné and Joel Beck with Guy Richards Smit's Drawings

Paintings by Nicky Nodjoumi, Sept. 10th, 1999, at Pierogi 2000, 177 North 9th St.

Brit Pop master Richard Smith and photographer Joe Gaffney
Pierogi 2000's Joe Amrhein
Nicky Nodjoumi
Artists Matthew Cusick and Peter Garfield

"Memento Mori," curated by Erik Bakke, Sept. 10th, 1999, at Star67, 67 Metropolitan Ave.

Painter John Newsom and "Memento Mori" curator Erik Bakke with Holly Zausner's photocollage
Artists Carol Bove and Gordon Terry with his 799 acrylic painting
Star67 crew Derek Cote, Claudia Michael Brown, Liad Baniel and Ron Segev
Chelsea gallerists Marc Wenby and Susie Kravets with Carol Bove's drawings

Leslie Roberts, Amy Cutler and Clarke Bedford, Sept. 11th, 1999,
at Eyewash, 143 North 7th St.

Leslie Roberts with two of her paintings from the "Girl Series"
Clarke Bedford with his The Thinker from the "Pez Series"
Amy Cutler with her painting Organization
Artist Ward Shelley
Eyewash's Annie Herron and Larry Walczak with Leslie Roberts' Wall Piece for a Brooklyn Room
Artist Larry Krone with Amy Cutler's paintings
Painter K. K. Kozik
Sculptor Lee Boroson

Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz and Nick Kline
Sept. 12th, 1999, at Momenta Art, 72 Berry St.

P.P.O.W.'s Wendy Olsoff and Paloma Munoz
Nick Kline with one of his "Convention Photos"
Momenta Art's Laura Parnes and Eric Heist with Nick Kline photograph
Momenta Art board member and artist/writer Calvin Reid
Artist and writer Tom Moody with Martin & Munoz's Disney Vodka and Disney Ale
Public Art Fund director Tom Eccles (left) and Walter Martin
Artists Mark Lombardi (left) and Vargas-Suarez Universal with Martin & Munoz's Disdoms
Jackie Breyer serving Martin & Munoz's Disney Ale