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  Out in Brooklyn
"Beyond Technology" at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, July 1-Sept. 12, 1999.
Brooklyn artists Rico Gatson, Perry Hoberman, Roxy Paine, Fatimah Tuggar and Janet Zweig create works with computers, video equipment and other electronic media.
Organized by Charlotta Kotik, curator of contemporary art. The exhibition is part of the Working in Brooklyn series.
Photos by Paul Laster

Janet Zweig, Roxy Paine, Charlotta Kotik and Rico Gatson
Rico Gatson, Picket Cage, 1998-99
The Brooklyn Museum of Art
on opening night
Williamsburg artists James Esber
and Jane Fine
Janet Zweig and Laura Bergman, Everything in the World, 1996
Art & Technology master Billy Kluver and writer Julie Martin
Techno fans with Perry Hoberman
office environment
Roxy Paine, Assortment of SCU-MAK Produced Sculptures,
with video display access
Roxy Paine, SCU-MAK Produced Sculpture, 1999
Fatima Tuggar, People Watching, 1997
Jazz combo
Prime Meridian
High-tech environmental artist Kristin Jones and Roxy Paine
Neo-OP painter
Bruce Pearson
Pierogi 2000 newlyweds Susan
and Joe Amrhein
Sculptors Lisa Hein
and Bob Seng
Abrams book coordinator Alyn Evans and videographer D. Carlton Bright
Artist Sarah and Drew Dominick with son, Dominick Vanderlip
Perry Hoberman, Sorry, We're Open,