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  Out at the Brooklyn Museum
Art world glitterati show their support for the BMA at
Eve of "Sensation," Sept. 30, 1999, a benefit preview to kick off the famed exhibition of
"Young British Artists from the Charles Saatchi Collection."
Photos by Paul Laster
Artist Jenny Saville with Paul McPhail and Gagosian London's Mollie Brocklehurst
Painter Cecily Brown
David Furnish, London gallerist
Jay Jopling and Hugh Grant
Conceptual Mixmaster Paul D. Miller
(aka DJ Spooky)
Photog Gregory Crewdson
Sculptor Elyn Zimmerman and MoMA curator Kirk Varnedoe
Works by Jenny Saville (left)
and Ron Mueck
Photographer Cindy Sherman
Gallerist and lounge host Gavin Brown
Warhol honcho Tim Hunt
with Tom Bell
Collector Elaine Dannheiser
Artist Glen Ligon
Gallerists Antonio Honem
and Ileana Sonnabend
Works by Jenny Saville (left)
and Damien Hirst
Collector and art advisor Barbara Schwartz
Sam Samore
Rachel Whiteread's
Untitled (One Hundred Spaces)
John Cheim
Gallerist Jeffrey Deitch (right) with friend
Tracey Emin's
Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995 with a Fiona Rae painting
Gallerist Sara Meltzer and video artist Adam Ames
D.U.M.B.O. developer
David Walentas
Basquiat curator Richard Marshall
Lance Kinz and Susan Reynolds of Feigen Contemporary
Yancy Richardson
and Julie Saul
Artist Brigitte Engler and Paper Magazine editor David Hershkovits
Artists Ava Gerber and Todd Alden
NY Times photographer Bill Cunningham
Collector Bill Erlich
Dennis Christie and Erin Pauwel of Charles Cowles Gallery
Collectors Armand and Eve Bartos
Collector Nicolas Bergruen with friends
Sensational guest!
Gallerist James Cohan
Collectors Sue and Joe Berlind
Artist William Cotton with friends
Artforum editor Jack Bankowsky