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The Night for All the Arts
gala benefit for
Learning Through Art/The Guggenheim Museum Children's Program
May 28, 1997
The 1997 Art Start for Children Awards were presented to photographer Duane
Michals, artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, playwright and
actress Anna Deveare Smith and professor Cornel West.
Master of ceremonies was 1997 Pulitzer Prize winning musician Wynton
Marsalis. Photos by Mary Barone.

Wynton Marsalis

Duane Michals

Photographer Frank Dituri (left),
and gallerist Uma Reddy

Claes Oldenburg and
daughter Maarge


Cornel and Eleni West

Wynton Marsalis, Guggenheim
chairman Peter Lawson-Johnston
and Guggenheim education
director Marilyn J.S. Goodman

Benefit chair Gail May Engelberg
and Anna Deveare Smith