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Modern Painters in New York
Rock star David Bowie hypes the N.Y. issue
of the London mag Modern Painters at a party at Jeff Koons' loft, March 31.

Photos by Patterson Beckwith

David Bowie and Julian Schnabel

Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan
with date and D.B.

ARTnews honcho
Milton Esterow

Bowie and Schnabel

Corgan et al.

Bowie, Iman,
Jeff Koons.

B. & S.

Koons and Blimey! author
Matthew Collings

Koons and Bowie

Bowie, Koons, Collings

Bowie et al.

Bowie, Iman, Koons.

Bowie reads

Iman's feet

Bowie & Collings