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All photos by Mary Barone
Martin Creed opens Work #210: One-half the Air in a Given Space
at Cabinet's new gallery in Clerkenwell, Apr. 29, 1999.

Cabinet's driveway entrance
Martin Creed
Salon3's Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt and ArtAngel's Kathy Battista
Cabinet's Andrew Wheatley
Elizabeth Peyton & Rob Pruitt
Artist Sarah Dobai
Cabinet's Martin McGeown
Critic Matthew Collings
Sadler's Wells public art organizer Judy Adams
Simone and Celeste Doig
Peter Doig

Julian Opie opens at Morrison & Judd, London, Apr. 29, 1999.
Ben Judd (left) and Paul Morrison, with "Computer Portraits"
One of the portraits
Julian Opie
Artist Helen Macy & one of the works
Julian Opie's "Cutouts"

"IIP," an installation by Christina Mackie at the Showroom, London, Mar. 25, 1999.
Christina Mackie
Installation view
Artist Adam McEwen
Artist and curator Matthew Higgs
From left, Zingmagazine's Geraldine Postel and artists Russell Haswell and Jane Wilson
Showroom director Kirsty Ogg (left) and artist Rachel Lowe
Dealer Maureen Paley