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  Out in London
Chris Burden opens "When Robots Rule: The Two Minute Factory"
(featuring an automated airplane making machine)
at the Tate Gallery London, Mar. 17, 1999.
Photos by Mary Barone

Awaiting take-off
Chris Burden
Clearing the rotunda
Legendary performance artist Silvia Ziranek and artist Richard Wilson
The landing
Tate curator Frances Morris and Burden
From left, Tate Modern Art director Lars Nittve and Magasin 3 (Stockholm) director David Neuman
Dealer Mark Joannou, New York and London
From left, artist Michael Craig-Martin and Tate Gallery director Nicholas Serota
Edward Welsh, deputy Diary editor, The London Times
Dealer Anthony Reynolds and Frith Street Gallery director Jane Hamlin
Dealer Cornelia Grassi

Martin Parr opens "Common Sense,"
a photographic installation at Rocket Gallery in London, Mar. 3, 1999.

Installation detail
Martin Parr
Installation detail
Rocket Gallery co-director David Stephenson
Photographer Barbara Lloyd
Photographer Andrew Firth and Telia Coverdale
P.S. 1 curator
Tony Guerrero
Daniel Lesbaches,
director of Galerie du jour, Agnes B.
New York collector Sandra Seroy
David Moore
Rocket Gallery co-director Jonathan Stephenson
From left, Mirabelle and Melia Marden (daughters of Brice and Helen)
Magnum Photography head Liz Grogan
and Martin Parr