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"Twilight," photographs by Gregory Crewdson
at Emily Tsingou Gallery, London, Feb. 5, 1999
Photos by Mary Barone.
Tsingou gallery director
Rania Papoutsani
One of the works
Gregory Crewdson

From right, Emily Tsingou, filmmaker Roddy Wals
and author Darian Leader

Tank magazine arts editor
Claire Canning

From left, artists Sarah Morris
and Anna Gaskell

Writer Sarah MacDonald

Photographer Jason Oddy
and journalist Dora Rayner

Artists Andrea Mason and Philippe Bradshaw

Dealer Simona Fantinelli

One of the photographs
"Baths at the Pool," photographs by Catherine Yass
presented by Asprey Jacques Gallery at the Great Russell Hotel pool,
London, Feb. 3, 1999

Dealer Alison Jacques

One of the works

Catherine Yass

New York artist
Mai-Thu Perret

Viewers in the pool

Artist Richard Wentworth

Brooklyn artist
Drew Heitzler

From left, Serpentine Gallery director Julia Peyton-Jones and Serpentine curator Lisa Corrin

Dealer Charles Asprey