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Salon3, a new project space, opens
in the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre in London, Dec. 2, 1998.
Photos by Mary Barone.

Salon3 sponsor Anthony Fawcett of Beck's and wife Honami Salon3 founders, from left, Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, Maria Lind and Hans Ulrich Obrist Co-host of Salon3 launch Agnes B
"Concept engineer" Kohjo Eshun Sony robot expert Luc Steels (left) and curator Castou Roberts Artist Sarah Morris

Artist Louis Jammes

Artist Paul Seawright

Artist Jeremy Deller

"Family," organized by Paul Nesbitt and Graham Domke,
opens at Inverleith House, Edinburgh, Dec. 12, 1998.
Curator Paul Nesbitt Simon Starling's
Homemade Eames: DKS Chairs 1955,
Artists Callum Innes (left) and Simon Starling
Artist Emma Kay Glasgow artists Martin and Sheelegh Boyce Artist Richard Wright
Charles Esche, curator, Modern Institute Glasgow After the opening: Georgie Hopton and Gary Hume shopping at Jenner's "nvisible" museum founder Peter Fleissig with Annie Gregson