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Out at openings for Gary Hume and Nan Goldin over the Thanksgiving weekend.
Photos by Mary Barone.


  Nan Goldin opens at Jay Jopling/White Cube on Thursday, Nov. 25, 1999.  
White Cube
sales director
Aileen Hovannessian
Jay Jopling
Nan Goldin and photographer Wolfgang Tillmans
Faggionato Gallery's Christopher Gordon
Photog Donald Christie
Walter Keller
of Scalo
Photog Corinne Day
Photog Jürgen Teller


  Gary Hume opens at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, Nov. 26, 1999.
1,000 framed original ink drawings for sale at £60 each.
Whitechapel director of programming Judith Nesbit
1,000 drawings
Gary Hume with his wife,
artist Georgie Hopton
From left: Royal Academy curator Annette Bradshaw, dealer John Kasmin and Whitechapel director Catherine Lampert
Jeffrey Peabody
of Matthew Marks Gallery
Artist Emilia Carbo
Artist Rachel Whiteread
Sound artist Oswaldo Macia
Artist Sarah Staton
Ben Craze of Pale Green Press
Peter Fleissig
Artist Sarah Heyward
The Flurries, Twinkle & Tinsel
Alison Jacques
of Asprey Jacques