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Previewing the Saatchi Collection at Christie's London, Dec. 7, 1998.
130 works from the Saatchi Collection sold Dec. 8, 1998, with the proceeds going
to create fellowships for young artists.
Photos by Mary Barone.

Kathy Battista, NatWest Group Art Collection

From left, collectors Mera & Don Rubell with Christie's contemporary art expert Philippe Segalot

Lisson Gallery director Annette Mantero (left) and artist Elizabeth Simon

Dealer Lotta Hammer The Agency Gallery's Charlotte Schepke (left) and Bea DeSouza, with Paul Hedge of the Hales Gallery Victoria Miro Gallery director Glenn Scott-Wright

  Stuart Evans, chairman of the Tate's Patrons of New Art Artist Gavin Turk  

Writer Janet Street Porter Lisson Gallery staff, from left: Barry Baker, Michelle D'Souza, Annette Mantero and Jill Silverman Karen Wheeler, Financial Times free-lancer