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Out at Turbulent, a film installation by Shirin Neshat
at St. Mary-le-Bow in Cheapside, a temporary project sponsored by
the Tate Gallery of Modern Art at Bankside.
Photos by Mary Barone.

Frame from Turbulent Shirin Neshat Tate modern director Lars Nittve Frame from Turbulent

Artists Ellen Cantor and Luis Hortala From left: Louise Wilson, Shirin Neshat, Jane Wilson Tate modern curator Iwona Blazwick

From left: artists Zineb Sedira, Rana Salam and Jananne Al-Ani

From left: Singer Sussan Deyhim, Patrick Painter and Shirin Neshat
Morrison/Judd Gallery opens with "Cluster Bomb" on Nov. 19, 1998.
Art critic
John Slyce
Paul Morrison Artists Max Mason ®
and David Rayson

Artist Malina Molgan Artist Julian Opie Dealer Andrew Mummery

Digital wizard Joe Stephenson with c-prints of Jemima Brown's Joe Doll Artist Don Brown Artists Kate Belton and Gary Perkins