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Out in New York:
Downtown openings, Oct. 18, 1997.

All photos by Mary Barone

Patrick Painter Editions at Lehmann Maupin

German artist
Stephan Baumkötter

L.A. Dealer
Patrick Painter

Mike Kelly

Claudia and Asa
of Casey Kaplan

Tobias Rehberger at Friedrich Petzel

Artist Tobias Rehberger

Dealer Friedrich Petzel

Tobias Rehberger
(Frame Three)

Michele Reyes
of Andrea Rosen

Sean Landers

Cheryl Donegan at Basilico Fine Arts

Cheryl Donegan

Stefano Basilico

Critic Barry Schwabsky

T. J. Wilcox at Gavin Brown Enterprises, Inc. (GBE, Inc.)

Artist T. J. Wilcox

Frame from film
by T. J. Wilcox

Dealer Andrea Rosen

D'Offay's New York rep
Mark Fletcher and Simrel Auchenbach

Dealer Bronwyn Keenan

Sculptor Daniel Oates

Artist Mark Handforth and
Cologne collector Rolf Hoffmann

GBE, Inc.,
director Kirsty Bell