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  Into the Sun
Doug Aitken opens his film installation, Into the Sun, at Victoria Miro
on Cork Street in London, Oct. 6, 1999.
Photos by Mary Barone.
Viewing Into the Sun
Serpentine Gallery's Kathy Stephenson (left) and Louise Wilson
Elizabeth Paige-Smith, Doug Aitken's other half
Doug Aitken
Fruitmarket Gallery director Graeme Murray
From the outside looking in
Victoria Miro
Artist Jane Wilson and her mum
Peter Doig arriving
by bike
Filmmaker Isaac Julien
Tokyo dealer
Junko Shimada
Critic Dale McFarland (on left) and Colin Ledwith of the British Council
Barrister Glen Davis
Serpentine's Julia Peyton-Jones
Erotica artist Ellen Cantor
at the pub afterwards