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  new this month in u.s. museums

Maya Lin: Topologies
Untitled (Topographical Landscape)
(detail) and
Mayan Lin: Topologies
Grey Art Gallery, New York
Sept. 1-Oct. 31, 1998
15 works, including Rock Field (1997), a rocky river bed of 43 blown glass shapes, and Avalanche (1998), a site-specific installation of crushed glass. Plus some of her new furniture commissioned by Knoll.
Organizer: Southeast Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, N.C., where the show has already appeared.
Curator: Jeff Fleming (SECA).
Catalogue essays: Michael Brenson, Jeff Fleming, Terri Dowell-Dennis (SECA).
Sponsor: Henry Luce Foundation, et al.

Alexander Calder
Blue Feather
ca. 1948
Alexander Calder: 1898-1976
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Sept. 4-Dec. 1, 1998
Some 250 works celebrating the centenary of the artist's birth.
Curator: Marla Prather (NGA), Gary Garrels (SFMoMA).
Catalogue: 370 pp, w/chronology by Calder grandson Alexander S. C. Rower, essay by Arnauld Pierre.
Tour: Final stop, after debut at the NGA.
Sponsor: Banana Republic, Charles Schwab.

Pablo Picasso
Girl Before a Mirror
Picasso: Masterworks from the Museum of Modern Art
Los Angeles County Museum
Sept. 6, 1998-Jan. 4, 1999
90 works on loan.
Tour: Previously at the High Museum in Atlanta and at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

Benedetta Cappa Marinetti
Lo spirito e l'arte
La Furturista: Benedetta Cappa Marinetti (1917-1944)
Goldie Paley Gallery, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia
Sept. 8-Oct. 25, 1998
40 drawings, paintings and literary works in the first-ever exhibition of Benedetta Cappa Marinetti, wife of Futurism founder Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. The show includes ink drawings -- "shorthand concepts" -- from her experimental novel, as well as works by Giacomo Balla, Frances Simpson Stevens and Francesco Cangiullo.
Guest curators: Lisa Panzera (Guild Hall Museum) and Germano Celant (Guggenheim).
Catalogue essays: University of Iowa professor Cinzia Blum, University of Pennsylvania professor Christine Poggi, Lisa Panzera and UCLA professor Lucia Re.
Tour: After its premiere at Moore College, the show travels to the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, (Nov. 15, 1998-Feb. 13, 1999).

Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld
Redingote evening ensemble
The Ceaseless Century: 300 Years of 18th-Century Fashion
Metropolitan Museum
Sept. 9-Nov. 29, 1998
The persistence of 18th-century style, via garments from 1700 to the present.
Curator: Richard Martin.

Qur'an stand (Rahla)
Probably Iran
The Nature of Islamic Ornament, Part II: Vegetal Design
Metropolitan Museum
Sept. 10, 1998-Jan. 10, 1999
The classical arabesque -- the vinescroll, blossoms and palmettes and split leaves -- via about 25 objects from the Met collection.
Curator: Daniel Walker.
Sponsor: Hagop Kevorkian Fund.
Let Freedom Ring
Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
Sept. 10-29, 1998
Temporary public works by Jim Hodges (1,000 wind chimes at Old North Church), Mildred Howard (at Old South Meeting House), Barbara Steinman (suspended fabric panels at Parkman Bandstand) and Krzysztof Wodiczko (a video projection on Bunker Hill Monument). Curator: Boston ICA director Jill Medvedow.

Joseph Beuys
Aus Berlin: Neues vom Kojoten
Joseph Beuys: Drawings after the Codices Madrid of Leonardo da Vinci, and Sculpture
Dia Center
Sept. 10, 1998-Jun. 13, 1999
96 drawings, plus several sculptures from 1979, from Dia's collection.
Catalogue essays: Ann Temkin, Cornelia Lauf, Martin Kemp.

Sultan Mahmud II
19th century
Letters in Gold: Ottoman Calligraphy from the Sakip Sabanci Collection, Istanbul
Metropolitan Museum
Sept. 11-Dec. 13, 1998
Angular "kufic" script to cursive "naskhi," via 70 works from Turkey's largest private collection of Ottoman calligraphy.
Catalogue: M. Ugur Derman.
Tour: L.A. County Museum.
Sponsor: Sabanci Holding/Akbank, Istanbul

Kerry James Marshall
Den Mother
Brooklyn Museum
Sept. 11-Nov. 29, 1998
Paintings and a video installation devoted to the civil rights movement by Chicago artist Kerry James Marshall.
Organizer: Brooklyn curator Charlotta Kotik.
Catalogue essay: Cultural historian Huston A. Baker, Jr.
Sponsor: Sarah Lee Foundation, Susan and Lewis Manilow.

Henry Moore
Woman on Steps (Figure on Steps)
From Figure to Floor: Sculpture in the 20th Century
Milwaukee Art Museum
Sept. 11-Nov. 8, 1998
The first comprehensive display of the museum collection.
Curator: Dean Sobel.

Rabbit mask
Baule: African Art/Western Eyes
Museum of African Art, New York
Sept. 11, 1998 through Jan. 1999
Art of the Baule people of the Ivory Coast, including figure sculptures made for personal shrines, molo and goli masks from ceremonial dances and monkey figures inhabited by bush spirits.
Curator: Susan Vogel.
Tour: The show debuted at the Yale University Art Gallery and appears at the Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C.

Andy Warhol
Grace Kelly
From Warhol to Mappelthorpe: Three Decades of Art at ICA
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
Sept. 12-Nov. 1, 1998
A 35th-anniversary celebration, featuring works by Laurie Anderson, Peter Campus, Cindy Sherman and about 10 other artists (including Warhol and Mappelthorpe).

David Gelfman
Here: Artists' Interventions at the Aldrich Museum
Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, Conn.
Sept. 13-Oct. 18, 1998
Site-specific works by Judy Fox, Justen Ladda, LIza Lou, and Brian Tolle, among others, in and around the Aldrich Museum.
Curators: Harry Philbrick, Richard Klein.
Sponsors: Performance Textiles, Kimberly Clark, Dryvit Corp.

Robert Irwin
Part II: Excursus...
installation view
Robert Irwin
Excursus: Homage to the Square

Dia Center
Sept. 13, 1998-June 13, 1999
Part two of Irwin's scrim-and-light installation, this one with colors.
Sponsor: Lannan Foundation, Ellen and Max Palevsky, Richard Florsheim Art Fund, Dia Art Council.

Juan Galdeano
S/T (The Perfect Moment,
IV Movimiento)
The Edge of Awareness
P.S.1, Long Island City, New York
Sept. 13-Oct. 18, 1998
Works by LeWitt, Rauschenberg, Jaar, Steir, Nari Ward and others done for the World Health Organization.
Curator: Adelina von Fürstenberg.

Winslow Homer
Kissing the Moon
Sea Change
Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, N.Y.
Sept. 13-Nov. 15, 1998
The ocean, in works by Homer, Ryder, Marin, Pollock, de Kooning, Morley, etc.
Curator: Klaus Kertess.
After Rabin: New Art from Israel
The Jewish Museum, New York
Sept. 13, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999
71 works by 35 artists, including Aya and Gal, Ido Bar-El, Barry Frydlender, Pessi Gersh and David Reeb, made since the 1995 death of Yitzhak Rabin.
Sponsors: Judy and Michael Steinhardt Foundation, Marcia Riklis, Meshulam Riklis.

Cao Yong
The Age, Women, and
the Environment No. 1

Inside Out: New Chinese Art
Asia Society, New York, and
P.S. 1, Long Island City
Sept. 15, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999
Advancing modernization clouts centuries-old tradition, via 80 works (including non-traditional forms such as installations, performance art and video) dating from 1985-1998. A second, silmultaneous presentation will be offered by SFMoMA and the Asia Art Museum in San Francisco (dates to be anounced) followed by a further tour.
Co-organizer: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
Curators: Gao Minglu (Harvard University), Colin Mackenzie (Asia Society) and Elise S. Haas (SFMoMA).
Sponsor: Starr Foundation, et al.

Eugene Delacroix
Arab Horseman Giving the Signal
Delacroix: The Late Work
Philadelphia Museum
Sept. 15, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999
70 paintings and 40 works on paper arranged by theme in six categories -- animals, allegory and mythology, flowers and landscapes, literary illustrations, scenes of North Africa and religion.
Curators: Joseph Rishel (Philadelphia), Arlette Sèrullaz (director of the Musee Delacroix), Vincente Pomarède (Louvre).
Tour: Only U.S. venue.
Sponsor: Elf Atochem North America.

Figure pendant
Costa Rica
1-500 A.D.
Jade in Ancient Costa Rica
Metropolitan Museum
Sept. 16, 1998-Feb. 28, 1999
120 objects, from mace heads to ear ornaments, largely on loan from Costa Rican collections.

Mark Rothko
Self Portrait
Mark Rothko
Whitney Museum
Sept. 17-Nov. 29, 1998
The 115-work retrospective debuted at the National Gallery of Art.
Catalogue contributors: John Gage, Carol Mancusi-Ungaro, Barbara Novak, Brian O'Doherty, Mark Rosenthal, Jessica Stewart and Jeffrey Weiss.
Next stop: Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (winter 1998/1999).
Sponsor: Glenstone Foundation, et al.

Chaim Soutine
Red Stairs at Cagnes
ca. 1923-24
Chaim Soutine
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Sept. 17-Oct. 5, 1998
50 paintings by the Lithuanian-born Expressionist orignally seen at the Jewish Museum.
Next stop: Cincinnati Art Museum, Feb. 14, 1999-May 2, 1999.
Sponsor: Florence Gould Foundation, et al.

Winslow Homer
Long Branch, New Jersey
New Worlds from Old: 19th-Century Australian & American Landscapes
Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Conn.
Sept. 17-Oct. 11, 1998
From Australia, landscapes. Robert Hughes lectures on Oct. 23.
Next (and last) stop: Corcoran Gallery, Jan. 26-Apr. 18, 1999.
Sponsor: United Technologies.

Hand Puppets
19th century
Cataluña, Spain
El Alma Del Pueblo: Spanish Folk Art and its Transformation in the Americas
The Spanish Institute & The Americas Society, New York
Sept. 18-Dec. 31, 1998
250 objects dating from the 16th century.
Curator: Marion Oettinger, Jr., San Antonio Museum.
Tour: Remaining stops on seven-city tour in Chicago, Sacramento and San Diego.
Sponsor: Ford Motor Co.

Andy Warhol
John F. Kennedy
Andy Warhol's Flash- - - -November 22, 1963.
National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
Sept. 18-Nov. 29, 1998
14 silkscreens based on photos chronicling the John F. Kennedy assassination -- Oswald's rifle, Jacqueline Kennedy, The School Book Depository.
Curator: Ann Prentice Wagner.

Charles Jones
Collerette Dahlia Pilot
ca. 1900
Plant Kingdoms:
The Photography of Charles Jones

M. H. de Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco
Sept. 19-Dec. 6, 1998
59 gold-toned gelatin silver prints of flowers, fruit and vegetables by Charles Jones (1866-1959), a British gardener who carefully arranges each petal, rind, root and pod. Curator: Robert Flynn Johnson
Catalogue: Essays by Johnson and Alice Waters, with 129 black-and-white photographs.
Organizer: Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.

Alan Rath
Body Méchanique:
Artistic Explorations in Digital Realms

Wexner Center, Columbus, Oh.
Sept. 19, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999
The techno-body, via works by Judith Barry and Brad Miskell, Chris Marker, Alan Rath, others.
Catalogue essays: Heidi Gilpin, Brian Massumi, Sarah Rogers.
Sponsors: Battelle, Lucent Technologies, NEA, Ohio Humanities Council.
Julia Margaret Cameron's Women
Art Institute of Chicago
Sept. 19, 1998-Jan. 10, 1999
60 vintage prints by the Victorian photographer (1815-79).
Curator: Sylvia Wolf.
Tour: MoMA, SFMoMA.
Sponsor: American Airlines.

Claude Monet
The Magpie
Impressionists in Winter: Effets de Neige
Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.
Sept. 19, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999
Snow effects by Monet, Sisley, Pissaro, Caillebotte, Renoir and Gauguin.
Tour: Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco, Jan. 30-May 2, 1999.
Sponsor: J. P. Morgan & Co.

(l. to r.) Gino Colombini, Giancarlo Piretti
and Bertoli & Pajetta
Umbrella Stand, Model 6000/51,
Pluvium and Noe
1966, 1972, 1972
Pop Goes the Plastic: The Visual and Cultural Aesthetic of a New Technology, 1960-1975
Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, N.Y.
Sept. 20-Nov. 29, 1998
Zany applications in plastic, including suspended inflatables, replicas of Neil Armstrong's helmet, TV lunar landing capsules and a recreation of a teenager's room, circa 1972. The show debuted at the Atlanta International Museum of Art and Design last winter.
Curator: Independent collector Scott Reilly.
Sponsor: Ampacet; Westchester Arts Council; exhibition patrons of the Katonah Museum.

Richard Serra
Pickhan's Progress
Richard Serra
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Sept. 20, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999
8 large-scale recent works by the celebrated Minimalist. The artist's first solo L.A. exhibition will travel to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spring 1999.
Organizers: MOCA director Richard Koshalek and Guggenheim curator Julia Brown.
Catalogue essay: Hal Foster.
Sponsor: Eugenio Lopez, Eli and Edythe Broad, Ruth and Jake Bloom, Genevieve and Ivan Reitman, NEA, Gilbert B. Friesen, Peter B. Lewis, Donald G. and Doris Fisher, Emily Rauh Pulitzer, the Miriam and Peter Haas Fund, Douglas Cramer, Count Giuseppe Panza di Biumo.

Claude Monet
Weeping Willow
Monet in the 20th Century
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Sept. 20-Dec. 27, 1998
75 works selected from the ca. 450 paintings Monet made between 1900 and 1926. The show premieres at the MFA, its only U.S. venue.

David Reed
#212 (Vice)
David Reed Paintings: Motion Pictures
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Sept. 20, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999
A retrospective of some 40 works, plus recent multimedia installations, by the master of the swirling brushstroke.
Curator: Elizabeth Armstrong.
Catalogue essays: Armstrong, Paul Auster, Mieke Bal, Dave Hickey.
Tour: Wexner Center, Jan. 30-Apr. 18, 1999; P.S. 1, June 20-end of Aug., 1999.

Annibale Carracci
Four Studies of Heads...
ca. 1585
Fuseli to Menzel: Drawings and Watercolors in the Age of Goethe
The Getty Center, Los Angeles
Sept. 22-Nov. 29, 1998
80 drawings from the collection of Munich lawyer Alfred Winterstein (1895-1976), organized by the Busch-Reisinger Museum at Harvard, and previously on view at the Frick Collection in New York.

Rogier van der Weyden
Francesco d'Este
ca. 1460
From Van Eyck to Bruegel: Early Netherlandish Paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum
Sept. 22, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999
An epoch of oil painting, via 140 works spanning the years 1600-1560 by Hans Memling, Gerard David, Rogier van der Weyden, Hugo van der Goes and others. The paintings are amassed for the first time from four separate collections within the Met and the Cloisters.
Curators: Keith Christiansen, Maryan Ainsworth.

Katsushika Hokusai
Kajikazawa in Kai Province
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Sept. 23-Nov. 21, 1998
100 works by the renowned landscape printmaker, including the entire series, Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji. A complementary print exhibition, Hiroshige, will be on view Nov. 21, 1998-Jan. 17, 1999.
Curator: Yoko Woodson (Asian Art Museum).
Catalogue essays: Yoko Woodson, Julia White and Reiko Mochinaga Brandon, (Honolulu Academy of Arts).
Sponsor: Shaklee Corp., E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation, Henri & Tomoye Takahashi Foundation.

Thomas Schütte
Piazza Due
Thomas Schütte: Scenewright
Dia Center
Sept. 24, 1998-June 13, 1999
Theatrical figures, flags, watercolors, in a series of three shows, on view till Mar. 2000.
Sponsors: Warhol Foundation, German Consulate, Dia Art Council.

Carlo Dalmazzo Carrà
Composition with the
Head of a Woman
Master Drawings from the Hermitage and Pushkin Museums
Pierpont Morgan Library, New York
Sept. 25, 1998-Jan. 10, 1999
120 drawings from Dürer to Matisse. Many works have never been on view in the United States.
Curator: William M. Griswold
Sponsor: J.P. Morgan & Co., Fay Elliot, NEA.

Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson
Whitney Museum
Sept. 25,1998-Jan. 3, 1999
Erotic and mystical figures framed with African patterns, in more than 100 works by expressionist painter Bob Thompson (1937-1966).
Organizer: Whitney curator Thelma Golden.
Catalogue essay: Yale University professor Judith Wilson.
Sponsor: AT&T.

Todd Gray
Untitled (Mouse)
Mouse: An American Icon
Alternative Museum, New York
Sept. 25-Dec. 19, 1998
The expanding Disney empire, in a vast group show. Curator: Geno Rodriguez.

Joan Brown
Model with Manuel's Sculpture
Transformation: The Art of Joan Brown
University of California, Berkeley Art Museum, and the
Oakland Museum of California
Sept. 26, 1998-Jan. 17, 1999
126 works at two museums.
Curators: Karen Tsujimoto, Jacquelynn Baas.
Sponsors: NEA, Henry Luce Foundation, Oakland Museum Women's Board, Andy Warhol Foundation, Sandler Family Supporting Foundation, Judith Rothschild Foundation, Northern California Council of the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Kodai-ji Scroll Box
with Lozenge and Crest Design
Momoyama Period
Symbol and Substance: The Elaine Ehrenkranz Collection of Japanese Lacquer Boxes
Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, Ma.
Sept. 26, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999
A marriage of technical mastery and esthetic sophistication, via 56 Japanese lacquer boxes detailing the maki-e pattern technique -- different-sized pieces of cut, flattened metal scattered onto wet lacquer.
Organizer: Sackler curator Anne Rose Kitagawa.
Sponsor: John M. Rosenfield Teaching Exhibition Fund.

Abraham Bloemaert & Workshop
The Liberation of St. Peter
ca. 1600
Sinners and Saints, Darkness and Light: Caravaggio and his Dutch and Flemish Followers
North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh
Sept. 27-Dec. 13, 1998
35 old Masters.
Curator: Denis P. Weller.
Tour: Milwaukee Art Museum, Jan. 29-Apr. 18, 1999; Dayton (Ohio) Art Institute, May 8-July 18, 1999.