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  new this month in u.s. museums

Sangye Gyamtso
From a series based on illustrations
of the Blue Beryl
ca. 1920
The Bhudda's Art of Healing
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
Aug. 2, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999
14 paintings copied in the 1920s from the 17th-century "Blue Beryl" illustrations of an ancient Tibetan medical text, on loan from the History Museum of Buryatia in the former Soviet Union.
Curator: Fernand Meyer, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris.

Five-story pagoda
8th century
Bhuddist Treasures from Nara
Cleveland Museum
Aug. 9-Sept. 26, 1998
87 rare works from the center of Japanese Buddhism, including an 8th-century sutra transcribed in gold dust ("sutra" is Sanskrit for "thread," meaning Buddha's teachings sewn together as scripture); a pair of 15-foot-high, 11-century gold and silver painted mandalas (diagrams to the path of Nirvana); and a 16-inch-tall, 9th-century carved cypress sculpture of the "Future" Buddha, conveying to devotees the promise of rebirth.
Organizer: CMA curator Michael R. Cunningham.
Sponsors: E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation.

William Sidney Mount
Ringing the Pig
ca. 1842
William Sidney Mount: Painter of American Life
New York Historical Society
Aug. 11-Oct. 25, 1998
The first major survey of the Long Island native, William Sidney Mount (1807-1868), includes over 50 works.
Curator: Deborah J. Johnson, president and ceo of the Museums at Stony Brook, which holds much of Mount's work.
Catalogue essays: Deborah J. Johnson, University of Pennsylvania professor Elizabeth Johns, National Gallery curator Franklin Kelly and Chicago Historical Society director Bernard F. Reilly, Jr.
Subsequent stops: Frick Art Museum, Pittsburgh, Nov. 13, 1998-Jan. 10, 1999; Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, Feb. 5-Apr. 4, 1999.
Sponsor: Henry Luce Foundation; David Schwartz Foundation.

Cynthia Littlefield
Light of the Southwest, Canyon #8
Cynthia Littlefield
Corcoran Gallery
Aug. 14-Oct. 27, 1998
Nine large-scale paintings by the Washington artist, inspired by the landscape of the American Southwest. The exhibition inaugurates the Nef Fund series of exhibitions supported by Evelyn Stefansson Nef.
Organizer: Corcoran curator Paige Turner.

Robbert Flick
Long Beach harbor,
variation no. 1


Allan Sekula
Mason Davis, welder
and shipbuilders' union shop-steward...

Port and Corridor: Working Sites in Los Angeles
Getty Center
Photographs by Robbert Flick and Allan Sekula
Aug. 15-Oct. 18, 1998
The industrial landscape, via work by two L.A. artists.
Curator: Moira Kenney, Getty Research Institute for History of Art and the Humanities.
Sponsor: Getty Institute.

Constance Stuart Larrabee
St. Tropez, France
Constance Stuart Larrabee: Life in Wartime, 1936-1945
Corcoran Gallery
Aug. 15-Oct. 15, 1998
Approximately 75 photos by South Africa's first female correspondent in the European theater. The show celebrates Larrabee's recent gift to the Corcoran of the collection of her photos. Two other Larrabee exhibitions are also to open in Washington, "Faces of Tangier Island" at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, Aug. 29, 1998-Mar. 14, 1999; and "South Africa, 1936-1949" at the National Museum of African Art, Sept. 20, 1998-Feb. 28, 1999.
Organizer: Corcoran curator Philip Brookman.
Sponsor: President's Exhibition Fund.

Mark Klett
Mark Klett Photographs of Japan: Shikata ga nai
Cleveland Museum
Aug. 15-Oct. 22, 1998
In conjunction with "Buddhist Treasures from Nara," 60 photographs made since 1995 by the celebrated landscape photographer.
Organizer: Cleveland curator Tom Hinson.

Pierre Legrain
ca. 1923
African Design and the Furniture of Pierre Legrain
National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
Aug. 16-Nov. 29, 1998
African-influenced furniture made by Art Deco designer Pierre Legrain (1889-1929) for African art collector Jacques Doucet.

Edouard Vuillard
Mrs. Trarieux and her daughters
The Time of the Nabis: Bonnard, Vuillard, Maurice Denis, Vallotton, Serusier, Ranson, Roussel
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Aug. 20-Nov. 22, 1998
Almost 200 works by the post-Impressionist "prophets" who sought an abstract and symbolic ideal in their art.
Organizers: Montreal Museum director Guy Cogeval, Musee d'Orsay chief curator Claire Freches-Thory, art historian Giles Genty.
Tour: Only North American stop.
Sponsors: La presse, Metro Richelieu.

Salvador Dali
Angelic Landscape
The Invisible Made Visible: Angels from the Vatican
Detroit Institute of Arts
Aug. 23-Oct. 18, 1998
100 works from the Vatican's 13 museums, in the third stop of a five-city U.S. tour (Baltimore and West Palm Beach are next).
Organizers: Vatican director Father Allen Duston and Arnold Nesselrath, curator of Byzantine, Medieval and Renaissance painting in the Vatican Museums and Pontifical Galleries.
Catalogue contributors: Pope John Paul II, Arnold Nesselrath and others.
Stops: Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore (Nov. 8, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999); Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach, Fla. (Jan. 23-Mar. 21, 1999).
Sponsor: Chrysler Corp.

Helen Frankenthaler
Tales of Genji III
Helen Frankenthaler: Tales of Genji
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Aug. 23-Oct. 25,1998
The artist's trademark painterly woodcut technique, via six recent images, both the paintings on wood, proofs and the final prints made from them.
Organizer: MFAH curator Barry Walker.
Sponsor: Houston Arts Fund.

Burgoyne Diller
Second Theme
ca. 1938
American Abstract Art of the 1930s and 1940s
Wake Forest University Fine Arts Gallery, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Aug. 28-Oct. 11, 1998
More than 200 paintings, drawings and sculptures drawn from Wake Forest alumni J. Donald Nichols' private collection -- the most comprehensive gathering of abstract art from that era. Includes works by Willem de Kooning, Joseph Albers and Alexander Calder.
Curator: Wake Forest professor Robert H. Knott.