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Guillermo Gómez-Peña
as "El Mexterminator"
  El Mexterminator
A presentation by Creative Time and El Museo del Barrio, New York
June 1-28, 1998
Ethnographic bandits take cultural myths hostage in a citywide performance by Chicano artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña, who is Mexterminator, plus Roberto Sifuentes as Cyber Vato and Bay area choreographer Sara Shelton Mann as La Cultural Transvestite. The series includes impromptu public performances, a live Internet chat and an installation at El Museo.

Charles Ray
Unpainted Sculpture
  Charles Ray
Whitney Museum
June 4-Aug. 30, 1998
A pared-down retrospective of 35 sculptures, photos and film by the trippy L.A. Minimalist. The exhibition features Oh! Charley, Charley, Charley, his notorious daisy-chain sculpture with eight figures all cast from the artist's body.
Curator: Paul Schimmel (MOCA).
Catalogue essays: Paul Schimmel, Whitney curator Lisa Phillips.
Stops: LAMOCA, Nov. 15, 1998-Feb. 21, 1999; Chicago MCA, opens June 1999.
Sponsors: Peter Norton Family Foundation, Lannan Foundation.

Edward Burne-Jones
The Wheel of Fortune
  Edward Burne-Jones, Victorian Artist Dreamer
Metropolitan Museum
June 4-Sept. 6, 1998
Romantic symbolism and the Arthurian legend via a copious 170 works -- paintings, watercolors, tapestries, stained glass, jewelry, book illustrations, furniture -- by the Pre-Raphaelite artist and designer. This first U.S. retrospective marks the centenary of the artist's death.
Curator: Stephen Wildman, curator, Ruskin Library, Lancaster University, England.
Catalogue essays: Stephen Wildman, Pre-Raphaelite scholar John Christian, Musée d'Orsay curator Laurence des Cars and author Alan Crawford.
Stops: Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery, Birmingham, England, Oct. 17, 1998-Jan. 17, 1999; Musée d'Orsay, Paris, Mar. 1-June 6, 1999.
Sponsor: The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Henry Moore
Stringed Figure No. 1
  The Collection in Context: Henry Moore's "Stringed Figure No. 1"
Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, D.C.
June 4-Sept. 7, 1998
The 1937 meeting of organic art and engineering principles is explored in this small show of works by Moore, Brancusi, Barbara Hepworth, Gabo, Rickey and Snelson.
Curator: Valerie Fletcher (Hirshhorn).

Probably Amedée Caranza
Plate Design with a Pair of Exotic Birds...
  Opening Our Doors: Selections from the Design Resource Center
Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York
June 4-Aug. 30, 1998
Showcasing the museum's $20-million renovation via a survey of drawings, wallcoverings, furniture and embroidery from the collection.

Stanley Spencer
  Stanley Spencer: An English Vision
California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco
June 6-Sept. 6, 1998
Final stop of the touring show of more than 60 works by the British painter (1891-1959) known for Biblical allegories, WWI scenes and unsparing nudes.
Curators: Hirshhorn director James T. Demetrion and British Council visual arts head Andrea Rose.

James Turrell
Milk Run II
  James Turrell: Spirit and Light
Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston
June 6-July 26, 1998
A look at 30 years of light-as-art, featuring six light chambers, documentation of Roden Crater celestial observatory outside Flagstaff, Ariz., and models of two new Houston projects: a "skyspace" for the Live Oaks Friends Meeting House and a light installation for the MFA's Main Street tunnel.
Curator: Lynn Herbert (Houston CAM).
Catalogue contributors: Herbert; engineering prof. John Lienhard; Jungian analyst and former Episcopalian priest J. Pittman McGeehee; MoMA architecture curator Terence Riley.

Incense-pellet container
Style of Nonomura Ninsei
probably 18th century
  Japanese Art in the Age of Koetsu
Freer Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
June 6-early 1999
44 paintings, folding screens, ceramic vessels and lacquerwares made or inspired by the 16th-century esthetic pioneer, calligrapher Hon'ami Koetsu. The exhibition is one of a series of shows celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Freer.
Curators: Ann Yonemura and Louise Cort (Freer).

Brad Eberhard
My Squidsuit Brings Isolation
  Pop Surrealism
Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, Conn.
June 7-Aug. 30, 1998
The body made grotesque and Surrealism's influence from underground comics to "high" art in works by over 70 artists including Art Spiegelman, John Currin, Carroll Dunham and others.
Curators: AM directors Richard Klein and Harry Philbrick with (and ArtNet critic) independent curator Dominique Nahas.

Melissa Marks
Volitia Does the Hootchy-Kootch
  The Adventures of Volitia: Heroic Burlesque
Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, Conn.
June 7, 1998-Aug. 30, 1998
A series of large Muybridge-influenced drawings recording the movements of Melissa Mark's mutating flower-like creature, Volitia, in the artist's first solo exhibition.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
The Missionary
  Artists and the Avant-Garde Theater in Paris, 1887-1900
National Gallery, Washington, D.C.
June 7-Sept. 7, 1998
67 illustrated theater programs by 29 artists, including Bonnard, Munch, Toulouse-Lautrec, Vuillard, Signac.
Curators: 19th-century art scholar Patricia Eckert Boyer with NGA curators Ruth E. Fine and Carlotta J. Owens.
Tour: National Academy Museum, New York, Oct. 1, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Triton Fountain
  Fountains: Splash and Spectacle
Cooper Hewitt
June 9-Oct. 11, 1998
250 items, including drawings, prints, photographs and videos, devoted to fountain design from the 1400s to the present. Includes the earliest existing fountain design drawings from 15th-century artist Jacopo della Quercia.
Sponsor: Florence Gould Foundation.

Embroidering Kanthas
  The Narrative Thread: Contemporary Women's Embroidery from Rural India
Asia Society, New York
June 9-Aug. 8, 1998
A blend of estheticism and social activism, in 30 embroidered quilts detailing political and health issues of poor Indian women (who are prohibited from working according to custom).
Stops: San Antonio Art League Museum (Sept. 24-Nov. 8, 1998); National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C. (Feb. 4-May 9, 1999). Additional venues to be announced.
Sponsor: Ford Foundation.

Man Ray
Peggy Guggenheim wearing a dress...
  Peggy Guggenheim: A Centennial Celebration
Guggenheim Museum
June 12-Sept. 2, 1998
An exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of the renowned art patron's birh, including portraits, photographs, museum guest book pages and works by Arp, Brancusi, Calder, Moore, Pevsner and others.
Curator: Guggenheim curator and granddaughter Karol P. B. Vail.
Catalogue essays: Karol P. B. Vail and former Guggenheim director Thomas M. Messer.
Sponsor: Hugo Boss.

Matthew Brady
Ulysses S. Grant
  Matthew Brady's Portraits: Images as History, Photography as Art
Int'l Center of Photography, New York
June 12-Sept. 6, 1998
Approximately 150 portraits by the Civil War photographer including Abraham Lincoln and P.T. Barnum. The exhibition premiered at the National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C.
Curator: Mary Panzer (NPG).
Organizers: Harvard Art Museum curators Deborah Martin Kao and Charles C. Cunningham, Sr.
Sponsors: Siemens, Discovery Communications, Marpat Foundation, Smithsonian Institution Special Exhibition Fund and the Smithsonian Scholarly Studies Program.

John Steuart Curry
Self Portrait
  John Steuart Curry: Inventing the Middle West
M. H. De Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco
June 13-Aug. 30, 1998
Nearly 50 paintings and drawings from 1927 to 1941 by the Kansas-born American Regionalist.
Curator: Patricia Junker, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.
Stop: Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City, Mo., (Oct. 11, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999).
Sponsors: Henry Luce Foundation; NEH; NEA.

Second Coming
  At Home & Abroad: 20 Contemporary Filipino Artists
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
June 13-Aug. 30, 1998
Filipino heritage contends with Westernization and colonial legacy in a 50-work exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of Phillipine independence. "At Home & Abroad" will travel to Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston before culminating its tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila next summer.
Curators: Corazón Alvina (Metropolitan Museum of Manila), Dana Friis-Hansen (Houston CAM) and Filipino American independent curator Jeff Baysa.
Catalogue contributors: Jeff Baysa, Dana Friis-Hansen, Alice Guillermo and Patrick Flores.
Sponsor: Metrobank Foundation et al.

Pavel Tchelitchew
Interior Landscape VII (Skull)
  Pavel Tchelitchew: Landscape of the Body
June 14-Sept. 6, 1998
Los Angeles critic Michael Duncan's survey of Tchelitchew's Surrealism includes MoMA's famous Hide and Seek (once the museum's favorite painting, now consigned to storage) as well as Phenomena, a freaky depiction of late-'30s society, now at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.
Catalogue: Michael Duncan, Babara Bloemink.
Sponsors: NEA, Henry Luce Foundation, Marilyn Simpson Charitable Trust.

Graciela Iturbide
Angel Woman (Mujer angel), Sonora Desert
  Images of the Spirit: Photographs by Graciela Iturbide
Philadelphia Museum
June 14-Aug. 9, 1998
A poetic vision of Mexican identity, via 100 gelatin prints by Graciela Iturbide (b. 1942), the photographer who assisted Alvarez Bravo and won France's "Mois de la Photo" award for documentating ceremonies of the Zapotec Indian people of Juchitàn.
Curator: Aperture Foundation head and Phila adjunct curator Michael E. Hoffman.
Sponsor: U.S.-Mexico Fund for Culture et al.

Claude Monet
Gare Saint-Lazare, Arrival of a Train
  Manet, Monet and the Gare Saint-Lazare
National Gallery, Washington, D.C.
June 14-Sept. 20, 1998
38 Impressionist works depicting the 19th-century Parisian neighborhood where Monet and Manet worked and lived, including Monet's 11 paintings of the Gare Saint-Lazare railway station. The exhibition premiered at the Musée D'Orsay in Paris.
Curators: Philip Conisbee, Florence E. Coman (NGA) and Manet scholar Juliet Wilson-Bareau.
Sponsor: Florence Gould Foundation.

Martin Wong
The Clones of Bruce Lee
  Sweet Oblivion: The Urban Landscapes of Martin Wong
New Museum, New York City
June 18-July 3, 1998
Loisada love songs by the renowned East Village painter, in a show originated at the University Art galleries in Normal, Ill.
Curators: Dan Cameron (New Museum) and Barry Blinderman (Normal) .
Catalogue: Co-published by Rizzoli with essays by Carlo McCormick, Lydia Yee, Yasmin Ramirez, Dan Cameron and Barry Blinderman.

Andreas Gursky
Chicago, Mercantile Exchange
  Andreas Gursky
Henry Art Gallery, Seattle
June 18-Sept. 20, 1998
Nine large photographs taken from distant vantage points in an exhibition devoted to German photographer Andreas Gursky. "New Topographics," a show featuring works by Robert Adams, Lewis Baltz and other American landscape photographers first presented by George Eastman House, will be running simultaneously with the Gursky exhibit.
Organizer: Milwaukee Museum.
Sponsor: Foreign Cultural Relations of Stuttgart.

Danny Turner
Women with Big Hair
  The Pictures of Texas Monthly: Twenty-Five Years
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
June 14-Aug. 2, 1998
Big hair, rodeos, billionaires and cowboys, via 147 undeniably Texan images compiled from 300 issues of Texas Monthly. Target cities on its national tour include: Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, El Paso, New York and Los Angeles (venues and dates to be announced).
Curators: Anne Tucker (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston), D.J. Stout and Nancy McMillen (Texas Monthly).
Sponsor: Absolut Vodka, et al.

Artist unknown
Three Pakets
ca. 1990
  Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou
Baltimore Museum
June 14-Aug. 30, 1998
More than 500 objects including paintings, sculpture, flags, dolls and bottles in the first major exhibition representing Vodou -- the Creole religion derived from African traditions, Catholicism and other mystical practices. The show features a recreated Vodou temple complete with three altar chambers.
Organizer: UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History.
Curator: UCLA professor Donald J. Consentino.
Sponsors: NEA and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Britten V1000
  Art on Wheels: Selections from the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum
Birmingham Museum, Al.
June 19-Sept. 6, 1998
The hog as cultural icon and design marvel, via over 20 motorcycles drawn from the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum's extensive collection. Approximately 20 additional motorcycles will be on view in The Art of the Motorcycle at the Guggenheim from June 26-Sept. 12, 1998.
Curator: Anthony Nowicki (BMA).

Tony Oursler
FX Plotter 2
  Video: Bruce Nauman, Tony Oursler and Sam Taylor-Wood
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
June 19-Sept. 22, 1998
Anxious reactions to the information age, in an exhibition featuring Minimalist video works spanning three decades. Includes Oursler's FX Plotter 2, in which a projected face recounts the agitation felt while watching gruesome special-effects cinema.
Curator: Robert R. Riley (SFMOMA).

Paul Strand
Pear and Bowls
  Paul Strand circa 1916
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
June 19-Sept. 15, 1998
Photography discovers the gritty reality of urban poverty and the celebration of abstract forms, and voila, modernism.
Organizers: Metropolitan Museum, where the show premiered, and the Strand Archive of the Aperture Foundation.
Curator: Sandra S. Phillips (SFMOMA).
Catalogue essay: Met curator Maria Morris Hambourg.

Thomas Moran
Chasm of the Colorado
  Thomas Moran
Seattle Art Museum
June 20-Aug. 30, 1998
Nearly 100 watercolors and oil paintings in the first retrospective of American landscape artist Thomas Moran (1837-1926), including the vast Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone that Congress purchased to hang in the U.S. Capitol. The Seattle Art Museum's complementary exhibition, The Paving of Paradise: A Century of Photographs of the Western Landscape, is on view from May 7, 1998-Jan. 24, 1999.
Organizers: National Gallery (premier venue) and the Gilcrease Museum (2nd venue), Tulsa, Ok.
Curators: Nancy Anderson (NGA) and Trevor Fairbrother (SAM).
Sponsors: Boeing Co. et al.

Chuck Close
  Chuck Close
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
June 20-Sept. 13, 1998
90 paintings, drawings and photographs, plus a special selection of 35 prints. The show premiered at the Museum of Modern Art.
Organizers: MoMA curators Robert Storr and Deborah Wye.
Catalogue contributors: Robert Storr, Deborah Wye and Kirk Varnedoe.
Stops: Hirshhorn Museum, Oct. 15, 1998-Jan. 10, 1999; Seattle Art Museum, Feb. 18-May 9, 1999.
Sponsors: Michael and Judy Ovitz.

Pierre Bonnard
After the Meal
Museum of Modern Art
June 21-Oct. 13, 1998
Sensuous nudes in bed and bathroom landscapes, plus still lifes and interiors -- some 80 sumptiously colored works by the Nabi painter. "Bonnard" premiered at the Tate Gallery in London prior to opening at MoMA, its final venue.
Co-organizer: Tate Gallery.
Curators: John Elderfield (MoMA), art historian Sarah Whitfield and critic David Sylvester.
Sponsor: The Starr Foundation.

Nicholas Goldsmith
Tensile pavilion
with intergrated photovoltaics
  Under the Sun: An Outdoor Exhibition of Light
Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum, NY NY
June 21-Oct. 25, 1998
Earth's most abundant resource, via an outdoor exhibition of solar-powered pavilions, chairs and facilities illuminated day and night in the Arthur Ross Terrace and Garden.
Sponsor: BP Solar and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Worthington Whittredge
Encampment on the Plains
  The Painted Sketch: American Impressions from Nature, 1830-1880
Dallas Museum of Art
June 21-Sept. 20, 1998
The small prepratory oil sketch stands on its own, in an exhibition featuring works by eight 19th-century American landscape painters including Cole, Church and Bierstadt.
Curator: Eleanor Jones Harvey (DMA).
Sponsor: Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.

Adolph Menzel
Portrait of His Brother Richard...
ca. 1849
  Fuseli to Menzel: Drawings and Watercolors from the Age of Goethe
Frick Collection, New York
June 23-Aug. 30, 1998
Drawing as autonomous art, in some 80 rarely-seen works from the Enlightenment through Realist periods (ca. 1750-1850), including works by Friedrich, Goethe, Runge, Schinkel and others.
Organizer: Busch-Reisinger Museum, Harvard University.
Curator: Hinrich Sieveking (Winterstein Collection).
Next stop: J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles (Sept. 15-Nov. 29, 1998).
Sponsors: Merck, Finck & Co., Privatbankiers.

Hirano Koga
Nezumi Kozo Jirokichi: III
  Concerned Theater Japan: The Graphic Art of Japanese Theater, 1960-1980
American Institute of Graphic Arts, 164 Fifth Avenue, New York
June 24-Aug. 22, 1998
Eroticism, anarchic violence and mysticism, via 70 posters that exemplify Japanese theater's defiance of cultural taboos in the '60s. Part of the Cooper-Hewitt centennial celebration.
Organizer: Krannert Art Museum, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
Curator: University of Illinois professor David G. Goodman.
Stops: Japanese Cultural Center, Berlin and the ggg Gallery, Tokyo (dates to be announced).

Aleksandr Rodchenko
Maquette for an illustration
for Pro Eto (About This)
  Aleksandr Rodchenko
Museum of Modern Art
June 25-Oct. 6, 1998
Over 300 works by the Russian Constructivist, tracing Rodchenko's career from utopian abstraction to Stalinist propaganda photos. The exhibit includes an approximate reconstruction of the Worker's Club and the 1934 late photographic portrait Woman with a Leica.
Curators: Magdalena Dabrowski and Peter Galassi (MoMA) and Stanford professor Leah Dickerman.
Catalogue essays: The curators, Rodchenko's daughter, Varvara Rodchenko and grandson, Aleksandr Lavrent'ev.
Stops: Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (October 1998-January 1999); Moderna Museet, Stockholm (Mar. 6-May 24, 1999).
Sponsor: William Randolph Hearst Endowment Fund.

The Art of the Motorcycle
  The Art of the Motorcycle
Guggenheim Museum
June 26-Sept. 20, 1998
More than 100 hawgs and choppers in an installation designed by Frank O. Gehry. Watch for summer beer tastings, July 8 & Aug. 12.
Organizer: Gugg director Tom Krens + curatorial team.
Catalogue essays: Hunter S. Thompson, Dennis Hopper, others.
Sponsor: BMW.

Roy DeCarava
Coltrane on soprano
  Roy DeCarava: A Retrospective
High Museum, Atlanta
June 27-Sept. 19, 1998
Over 200 works -- including '60s Harlem scenes, civil rights protests and images of jazz luminaries Duke Ellington and Count Basie -- in a retrospective spanning the 50-year career of American photographer Roy DeCarava. The exhibition debuted at the Museum of Modern Art.
Organizer: MoMA.
Curator: Peter Galassi (MoMA).
Catalogue contributors: Peter Galassi and art historian Sherry Turner DeCarava.
Next stop: Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C. (dates to be announced).
Sponsor: Metropolitan Life Foundation.

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane
Dance Co. in
  Art Performs Life: Merce Cunningham/Meredith Monk/Bill T. Jones
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
June 28-Sept. 20, 1998
An avant-garde explosion! Three Walker artists-in-residence present dance concerts, recitals, films, recordings and photographs. Cunningham's exhibition features an archaic forest of ready-made objects suspended from the ceiling.
Curators: Siri Engberg and Philippe Vergne (Walker) and guest curator Kellie Jones.
Sponsors: AT&T et al.