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  new this month in u.s. museums

Carrie Mae Weems
Installation view
Who What When Where: An Installation by Carrie Mae Weems
Whitney Museum at Philip Morris, New York
May 1-July 10, 1998
Portland (Ore.) multimedia artist Carrie Mae Weems draws upon work by Malevich and Lissitzky in an installation that incorporates neon signs, etc.
Organizer: Whitney curator Eugenie Tsai.
Sponsors: Philip Morris.
Whistler: Impressions of an American Abroad -- Etchings and Lithographs from the Carnegie Museum of Art
National Academy Museum, New York
May 1-June 26, 1998
50 etchings and 31 lithographs spanning Whistler's entire printmaking career.
Curators: Linda Batis and David Dearinger.
Organizers: Carnegie Museum and the American Federation of Arts.
Stops: Musée du Québec (July 25-Sept. 20, 1998); Cummer Museum, Jacksonville, Fla. (Oct. 16-Dec. 11, 1998); Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, Ca. (Jan. 15-Mar. 15, 1999).
Sponsor: Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund.

Late Roman cosmetic flask
with applied thread decoration from Castra
3rd-4th centuries CE
Ancient Glass from the Holy Land
M. H. de Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco
May 2-Aug. 16, 1998
250 recently excavated ancient objects made from glass, dating from the 2nd millenium BCE to the 7th century CE.
Co-organizer: Israel Antiquities Authority.
Catalogue essay: IAA specialist Yael Gorin-Rosin.

Jean de Warvin
Henry IV Triumphs Over Richard II
from Chroniques d'Angleterre
Belgium, late 1600s
Mything Persons: Historic Figures in Legends of East and West
Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore
May 2-Aug. 9, 1998
Legendary figures depicted over the ages in ancient manuscripts -- including Moses, Alexander the Great, Nero, Joan of Arc and others.

Large plate
Iran or Afghanistan
10th century
Arts of the Islamic World
Freer Gallery, Washington, D.C.
May 3, 1998-continuing indefinitely
More than 60 Islam-influenced works from the 9th to the 17th century, including Koran pages, metalwork, ceramics, glass vessels, paintings and calligraphy.
Organizer: Freer curator Massumeh Farhad.

Thracian silver gilt appliqué
in the form of a lion attacking a stag

4th century B.C.
Ancient Gold: The Wealth of the Thracians
Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth
May 3-July 19, 1998
200 gold and silver vessels excavated in Bulgaria from 15 royal tombs of Ancient Thrace -- a vast Roman-conquered empire that covered most of central Europe in the 5th millennium B.C. The exhibition premiered at the St. Louis Art Museum.
Curator: Former Bulgarian minister Ivan Marazov
Organizer: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Trust for Museum Exhibitions.
Catalogue essays: Ivan Marazov, Alexander Fol, Margarita Tacheva and Ivan Venedikov.

Mark Rothko
No. 1 (White and Red)
Mark Rothko
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
May 3-Aug. 16, 1998
Rothko's first retrospective in 20 years offers 115 works drawn from the Gallery's extensive MR Foundation collection.
Organizers: NGA curator Jeffrey Weiss, Guggenheim curator Mark Rosenthal and Rothko catalogue raisonné author David Anfam.
Catalogue contributors: John Gage, Carol Mancusi-Ungaro, Barbara Novak, Brian O'Doherty, Mark Rosenthal, Jessica Stewart and Jeffrey Weiss.
Stops: Whitney Museum (Sept. 10-Nov. 29, 1998) and the Musée d'art moderne de la Ville de Paris (winter 1998/1999).

Arthur G. Rider
The Spanish Boat
ca. 1921
All Things Bright and Beautiful: California Impressionist Paintings from The Irvine Museum
National Academy Museum, New York
May 7-July 5, 1998
Surfer Impressionism lives! 58 works in the first comprehensive East Coast exhibition of California Plein Air painting.
Organizers: CUNY professor William H. Gerdts and NA curator David Dearinger.
Catalogue essays: William Gerdts, David Dearinger, Irvine Museum director Jean Stern and Oakland Museum director Harvey L. Jones.
Stops: Terra Museum of American Art, Chicago (July 25-Sept. 27, 1998); Dixon Gallery, Memphis (Oct. 18, 1998-Jan. 24, 1999); Oakland Museum, Ca. (Mar. 20-May 30, 1999); Irvine Museum, Ca. (Oct. 2, 1999-Jan. 22, 2000).
Sponsors: Paul Bagley and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Stiles.

Frank Jay Haynes
Liberty Cap & Hotel, Yellowstone
ca. late 1880's
The Paving of Paradise: A Century of Photographs of the Western Landscape
Seattle Art Museum
May 7, 1998-Jan. 24, 1999
Pioneering photography, in more ways than one. Images of the American West captured by the new innovation of photography, including works by Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, William Henry Jackson and others. Jackson's photos of Yellowstone in 1871 persuaded Congress to create a National Parks system the following year.
Sponsor: Kreielsheimer Exhibition Endowment Fund.

Keith Haring
Bill T. Jones
Keith Haring
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
May 8-Sept. 6, 1998
Some 130 works in the penultimate stop of the touring retrospective. The exhibition premiered at the Whitney (and makes its final stop at the Montreal MFA, Nov. 5, 1998-Jan. 10, 1999).
Organizer: Whitney curator Elisabeth Sussman.
Catalogue contributors: Elisabeth Sussman, Jeffrey Deitch, Ann Magnuson, Robert Pincus-Witten, Robert Faris Thompson, DJs Jelly Bean Benitez and Junior Vasquez, Fred Schneider of the B52s and Fred Brathwaite of Fab Five Freddy.
Final stop: MFA, Mont (Nov. 5-Jan. 10, 1998). Sponsor: Swatch.

Jacob Lawrence
Funeral Sermon
Masters of Color and Light: Homer, Sargent and the American Watercolor Movement
Brooklyn Museum
May 8-Aug. 23, 1998
A historical survey of the "American medium," via 141 works by Hopper, Burchfield, Rothko, La Farge and others.
Curators: Linda S. Ferber and Barbara Dayer Gallati.
Sponsor: Aetna.

Jim Isermann
Untitled (Rug)
Jim Isermann: 15
Institute of Visual Arts, Milwaukee
May 8-Aug. 2, 1998
Shag paintings, upholstered Minimalist sculpture, hard-edge floral abstraction and more by L.A. artist Jim Isermann.
Curator: David Pagel.
Sponsors: Robert and Mary Looker-Carpinteria and the Peter Norton Family Foundation.

Barbara Bloom
Stamp design
The Collections of Barbara Bloom
Wexner Center, Columbus, Ohio
May 9-Aug. 8, 1998
The first major museum project by the New York gender conceptualist, partly inspired by the Jackie O. auction, features a "portrait" drawn by earthly possessions.
Curator: Donna De Salvo.
Sponsor: NEA.

Sol LeWitt
Wall Drawing #716
The Serial Attitude
Wexner Center, Columbus, Oh.
May 9-Aug. 8, 1998
A survey of the '60s penchant for applying logic and mathematical concepts to art, including works by Bochner, Flavin, Ryman, Hesse, Martin and others.
Curator: Annetta Massie.
Organizer: Addison Gallery, Andover, Ma.

Rodney Graham
Vexation Island
Rodney Graham
Wexner Center
May 9-Aug. 8, 1998
A 1904 U.S. mail carriage that projects film and a desert island movie by Vancouver-based conceptual artist Rodney Graham.
Curator: Annetta Massie.

Richard Diebenkorn
Seated Figure with Hat
Richard Diebenkorn
Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.
May 9-Aug. 16, 1998
150 paintings and works on paper by the Bay Area abstract painter, en route from the Whitney.
Curator: Independent author Jane Livingston.
Catalogue essays: Jane Livingston, NGA curator Ruth E. Fine and MoMA curator John Elderfeld.
Stop: San Francisco MoMA (Oct. 9, 1998-Jan. 19, 1999).
Sponsor: Philip Morris.

Perfume Jar
in the form of the God Bes
ca. 664-550 BC
Gifts of the Nile: Ancient Egyptian Faience
Cleveland Museum of Art
May 10-July 5, 1998
Over 200 faience works (sculpted quartz objects whose brilliance symbolized rebirth and immortality to the Egyptians) drawn from the Louvre, the Metropolitan and the British Museum among others. The exhibition includes a reconstructed panel of 36,000 green faience tiles that lined the subterranean corridors of the 4,600-year-old Step Pyramid of King Djoser at Saqqara.
Curator: Florence Dunn Friedman (RISD).
Organizer: RISD Museum.
Stops: RISD Museum, Providence, R.I.; Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, TX. Dates to be announced.
Sponsor: Ameritech.

Mary Ellen Mark
Street Acrobats, Bombay
India: A Celebration of Independence, 1947-1997
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond
May 12-July 26, 1998
More than 230 works by native and Western photographers commemorating India and Pakistan's liberation from colonial rule, including images of Ghandi's funeral in New Delhi and film stars in Bombay. A historical introduction to the exhibition includes works by political activist Sunil Janah and Henri Cartier-Bresson.
Organizer: The Alfred Stieglitz Center of the Philadelphia Museum.
Stops: Indianapolis Museum (Sept. 4-Nov. 15, 1998); Knoxville Museum (Dec. 18, 1998-Feb. 28, 1999); Montreal Museum (April 1-June 13, 1999); Chicago Cultural Center (Oct. 30-Dec. 30, 1999). An identical exhibition is simultaneously being shown in India.
Sponsor: Ford Motor Company.

Rene Lalique
Diadem, Cattleya Orchid
ca. 1903-04
The Jewels of Lalique
Smithsonian's International Gallery, Washington, D.C.
May 15-Aug. 15, 1998
Flowers, reptiles and insects meet mysterious women in 200 pieces by Art Nouveau jeweler René Lalique.
Curator: Former Musée des Arts Décoratifs director Yvonne Brunhammer
Organizer: Exhibitions International
Final stop: Dallas Museum of Art (Sept. 13, 1998-Jan. 10, 1999).
Sponsor: Lalique North America

Stacy Levy
from Cornerstones
Stacy Levy
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
May 16-July 3, 1998
A vacant lot built with more than 3,500 vertical rods to plot the terrain by Philadelphia installation artist Stacy Levy.

Pierre Le Gros
St. Francis Xavier
From the Sculptor's Studio: Italian Baroque Terracottas from the Hermitage
Philadelphia Museum of Art
May 16-Aug. 2, 1998
35 Roman Baroque sculptures by Bernini, Algardi and others drawn from Tsar Paul I's collection. The exhibition premiered at the Art Institute of Chicago.
Catalogue essays: Dean Walker, Ian Wardropper and Russian curators Sergei Androsov and Nina Kosareva.
Sponsors: Pew Charitable Trusts, the Aretè and the Malcolm Hewitt Wiener Foundation.

Jacques Linard
Still Life of Shells
A Collector's Cabinet
National Gallery, Washington, D.C.
May 17-Aug. 9, 1998
The encyclopedic Kunstkamer, or collector's cabinet, of 17th-century Dutch and Flemish liefhebbers (art lovers) recreated via 180 paintings, sculptures, decorative and exotic objects that reflect the roots of science & the museum.
Organizer: NGA curator Arthur K. Wheelock Jr.
Sponsor: Shell Oil.

Figure of Mahakala
15th or 16th century
Himalayan Gilt Bronzes from Nepal and Tibet
Dallas Museum of Art
May 17-Sept. 13, 1998
Serene figures comingling with violent imagery, via 14 bronze sculptures detailing the rites of Tantric Buddhism, dating from the 13th through the 19th centuries. The works were assembled by New York collector John McKesson.
Curator: Ann Bromberg.

W. Sirois
Man Who Defied Death by Walking
Forty Feet with Five Bullet Wounds

Police Pictures: The Photograph as Evidence
Grey Art Gallery, New York
May 21-July 18, 1998
Mug shots, wanted posters, evidence pictures and surveillance images in the first historical exhibition of police work photography. The show, presenting more than 100 works, includes mid-19th century attempts to identify the "typical" criminal's physical characteristics and the infamous bloody footprint photo from the O.J. Simpson trial. The show originated at the SFMoMA.
Curator: Sandra S. Phillips (SFMOMA).
Catalogue essays: Sandra S. Phillips, American Photographer editor Carol Squiers and V&A Museum curator Mark Haworth-Booth.
Sponsors: NEA et al.

Snapshots: The Photography of Everyday Life
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
May 22-Sept. 8, 1998
The average person with the power to arrest time, via some 260 early amateur photographs placed for the first time in a museum context.
Organizer: SFMoMA curator Douglas R. Nickel.
Sponsor: Jon and Linda Gruber.

Stuart Davis
Stuart Davis
National Museum of American Art, Washington, D.C.
May 22-Sept. 7, 1998
55 works by the jazz Modernist. The National Museum is the only U.S. venue.
Organizer: Peggy Guggenheim Collection.
Sponsors: Pearson Art Foundation et al.

Sir John Tenniel
The Mad Tea Party
ca. 1889
a. k. a. Lewis Carroll
Pierpont Morgan Library, New York
May 22-Aug. 30, 1998
Marking the centenary of the author's death, the exhibition presents works highlighting his diverse artistic pursuits, including original albumen photographs of Alice, poems, pamphlets on mathematics, and Alice editions illustrated by Max Ernst, Marie Laurencin, Arthur Rackham and others.
Curator: Anna Lou Ashby.
Sponsor: Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Lewis Baltz
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
May 24-July 19, 1998
Power through surveillance and technology's influence on the body, in three series of large-format photographs by California conceptual artist Lewis Baltz.
Curator: Connie Butler.
Sponsors: Pasadena Art Alliance and David Hockney.

Moshe Kupferman
Moshe Kupferman: Paintings, Works on Paper and Scrolls
Goldie Paley Gallery, Moore College, Philadelphia
May 27-July 31, 1998
The silence of memories and restrained emotions revealed, via 24 abstract works by the Polish artist who spent WWII in Russian internment camps before emigrating to Israel to found the Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetot (Ghetto Fighters' Kibbutz).
Curators: Goldie Paley director Elsa Longhauser and former Tel Aviv and Israel Museums curator Yona Fischer.

Andrew Wyeth
Unknown Terrain: The Landscapes of Andrew Wyeth
Whitney Museum
May 28-Aug. 30, 1998
The Whitney makes its bid for a mass public with some 120 landscapes by the American realist who's never been "in" with the art crowd.
Curators: Adam D. Weinberg and Beth Venn.
Catalogue essay: Cornell professor Michael Kammen.
Sponsors: Robert W. Wilson and the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation.

Brian Addison Elliot
Sherwood Communicator
Minor Appliances: The Sculpture of Brian Addison Elliot
Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Ore.
May 28-June 21, 1998
Portraits in robotic sculpture, in the first major exhibition of the Northwest artist who created a walking, two-legged television.
Curator: Kristy Edmunds (PICA).
Sponsors: Mark and Kathy Parker et al.

Francesco Clemente
Early Morning Raga
Francesco Clemente: Indian Watercolors
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
May 31-Aug. 2, 1998
Cosmic and mythological symbols illustrating Clemente's absorption of Indian culture, detailed in an unbound 18-page picture book by the Italian neo-Expressionist.
Curator: Holliday T. Day (Indianapolis Museum).
Sponsor: Lannan Foundation.

David Bradley (Ojibwa)
Indian Humor
George Gustav Heye Center, National Museum of the American Indian, New York City
May 31-Aug. 2, 1998
Indian "stoicism" uprooted, via 87 multimedia works by 38 contemporary Native American artists.
Curator: Sarah Bates (Cherokee).

Louis-Leopold Boilly
The Electric Spark
ca. 1791
Intimate Encounters: Love and Domesticity in 18th-Century France
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
May 31-Aug. 23, 1998
Oh, the salacious Rococo! Love and courtship in 18th-century France in 75 works by Watteau, Chardin, Boucher, Gerard and others.
Organizer: Former Hood Museum curator Richard Rand.
Sponsor: NEA, NEH.