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  new this month in u.s. museums

Jan Van Eyck
Saint Christopher
ca. 1440-50
Reconsidering Van Eyck
Philadelphia Museum
Apr. 1-May 31, 1998
Two renderings of Saint Francis of Assisi Receiving the Stigmata reunited after 500 years, plus seven other works by the Netherlandish painter.
Curators: Joseph J. Rishel, (Philadelphia) Carl B. Strehlke and Katherine Crawford Luber (John G. Johnson Collection).
Sponsors: Pew Charitable Trusts, Robert Montgomery Scott Endowment for Exhibitions.

Rirkrit Tiravanija
Decal for the cross-country project
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Philadelphia Museum
Apr. 1-May 31, 1998
Thai performance artist Rirkrit Tiravanija presents his six-week cross-country journey by motorhome visiting "quintessentially American" locales such as Disneyland, the Grand Canyon and Lincoln's birthplace. Museum visitors can view the travellers during live, satellite broadcasts and by accessing the live website.
Curators: John Ravenal, Anne Temkin.
Sponsors: Lannan Foundation, Andy Warhol Foundation.

Cartoon by Abu Abraham
Satire and Spice: Cartoons from India
Asia Society, New York
Apr. 2-19, 1998
Commemorating the 50th anniversary of India's independence, the Asia Society presents 80 political cartoons and caricatures from the pre-Independence era through present.
Sponsors: Indian Council for Cultural Relations, the Discovery Channel.

Aaron Siskind
North Carolina 30
Aaron Siskind: The Fragmentation of Language
Henry Art Gallery, Seattle
Apr. 2-July 5, 1998
39 works by abstract photographer Aaron Siskind (1902-1991), from his early seaweed studies to his later images of cropped, cryptic messages.
Curator: Sheryl Conkelton.

Al Hirschfeld
Marx Brothers
Celebrity Caricature in America
National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C.
Apr. 3-Aug. 23, 1998
Drawings of Garbo, Will Rogers, Josephine Baker, and others from the portrait caricature craze that swept America during the World Wars.
Organizer: Portrait Gallery curator Wendy Wick Reaves.

Claire McCardell
Evening gown with interchangeable bodices
late 40's-early 50's
American Ingenuity
Metropolitan Museum
Apr. 3-Aug. 16, 1998
Postwar sportswear for women -- the nonchalant, easy-fitting style exemplified by Bonnie Cashin, Anne Klein, Vera Maxwell and others.
Curator: Richard Martin.

Yook Tae-Jin
Patriot Game
Alienation and Assimilation: Contemporary Images and Installations from the Republic of Korea
Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago
Apr. 3-May 30, 1998
Tension between traditional and modern cultures, via photography and installation work by 17 contemporary Korean artists.
Curators: Denise Miller, Natasha Hollins and Natasha Egan.
Sponsors: Chicago Community Foundation et al.

Sophie Ristelhueber
From the series: Fait
Sophie Ristelhueber
Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, N.Y.
Apr. 4-Jun. 7, 1998
71 large-scale images of craters, burning derricks and human debris from the Persian Gulf War by the French photographer.
Curator: Marc Mayer.

Silvia Gruner
Birth of Venus
Silvia Gruner
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Apr. 5-July 19, 1998
An exhibition examining Mexican mythologies and Holocaust survival by multimedia artist Silvia Gruner, with an installation piece using hundreds of female soap figurines.
Organizer: MCA curator Elizabeth Armstrong.
Sponsors: NEA, California Arts Council.

Mathilde Flögl
Dressing Gown
ca. 1928
Japonism in Fashion: The Influence of Japan on Western Dress
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Apr. 5-June 15, 1998
Japanese esthetics beguile Western high fashion in 45 works and 35 art objects spanning the past several centuries.
Curator: Sharon S. Takeda.

Toshusai Sharaku
Nakamura Konozo...
ca. 1794-95
More than Meets the Eye: Japanese Art in the Asia Society Collection
Asia Society, New York
Apr. 7-Aug. 16, 1998
40 artworks offering competing ideas of "Japaneseness" dating from the Neolithic to the early modern period.
Curator: Columbia U. art historian Teresa Lai.

Initial E: David Playing the Harp...
The Bute Psalter
The Bute Master
Cambrai, 1260-70
Out-of-Bounds: Marginal Imagery in Illuminated Manuscripts
J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Apr. 7-July 5, 1998
Battles, revels and fantastic creatures from the margins of Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts. Prayerbook for a Queen, a related, concurrent exhibition, features the miniature paintings of 14th-century Parisian illuminator Jean Pucelle.
Curator: Margot McIlwain Nishimura.

Dorothy Cross
Mirror Images: Women, Surrealism and Self-Representation
MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge
Apr. 9-June 28, 1998
The female body as a site of conflicting desires, via 100 Surrealist-influenced works by Meret Oppenheim, Frida Kahlo, Leonor Fini, Dorothea Tanning and others.
Organizers: Art historian Whitney Chadwick and MIT curators Katy Kline and Helaine Posner.
Catalogue contributors: Whitney Chadwick, Katy Kline, Helaine Posner, art historians Dawn Ades and Dickran Tashjian, Kahlo expert Salomon Grimberg and cultural critic Susan Suleiman.
Stops: Miami Art Museum (Sept. 18-Nov. 29, 1998); San Francisco MoMA (Jan. 8-Apr. 20, 1999).
Sponsors: NEA; Massachusetts Cultural Council; Dorsky Foundation; Kitty and Herb Glantz.

Abigail Lane
It Was On The Tip of Her Tongue
Abigail Lane: Whether the roast burns, the train leaves, or the heavens fall
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Apr. 11-July 15, 1998
Animal images juxtaposed with domestic scenes -- including a pair of men's shoes that emits puffs of smoke -- by British multimedia artist Abigail Lane.
Curator: Staci Boris.

Arthur J. Motley, Jr.
Brown Girl After the Bath
Rhapsodies in Black: Art of the Harlem Renaissance
Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Apr. 11-June 22, 1998
Approximately 130 works, including James Van Der Zee's celebrity photographs and rare film clips of Josephine Baker and Paul Robeson. This is the final stop of the traveling exhibition.
Curators: Duke University professor Richard J. Powell; David A. Bailey, co-director of the African and Asian Artists' Archive, London .
Catalogue essays: Martina Attille, David A. Bailey, Andrea D. Barnwell, Simon Callow, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Paul Gilroy, Richard J. Powell and Jeffrey C. Stewart.
Organizers: Hayward Gallery, Corcoran Gallery, Institute of International Visual Arts, London.
Sponsors: Annenberg Foundation; Rockfeller Foundation; United Airlines; Union Bank of California; AT&T; Nordstrom; LEF Foundation; Zuc & Associates, Inc.

Edgar Degas
At the Races: The Start
Degas at the Races
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Apr. 12-July 12, 1998
120 works depicting the spectacle and tension of the racetrack.
Organizers: Degas scholar Jean Sutherland Boggs and NGA curators Philip Conisbee and Kimberly Jones.
Catalogue essays: Jean Sutherland Boggs; Kimberly Jones; NGA object conservators Shelley Sturman and Daphne Barbour.
Sponsor: First Union National Bank.
The Art of the Daguerreotype
J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Apr. 14-July 12, 1998
More than 125 works from the Getty's collection, plus a special section devoted to daguerreotype pioneer Jean-Gabriel Eynard.
Organizers: Getty curators Weston Naef and Gordon Baldwin, cataloger Michael Hargraves and education specialist Jill Finsten.
Catalogue essays: Bates and Isabel Barrett Lowry.

Currier & Ives
(after Louis Maurer)
Fourth of July: Young America Celebrating
Unconventional Currier & Ives
New York Historical Society
Apr. 14-July 5, 1998
40 uncharacteristic works, such as photographs of Supreme Court Justices, by the well-known 19th century lithographers.

Victor Hugo
Castle lit up in the night
Shadows of a Hand: The Drawings of Victor Hugo
The Drawing Center, New York
Apr. 16-June 13, 1998
100 works by the Romantic French novelist including a series of abstract (inkspot) drawings with clear affinities to post-war Abstract Expressionism.
Organizers: Drawing Center director Anne Philbin and guest curator Florian Rodari.
Catalogue contributors: Art historian Pierre Georgel, Bibliothéque nationale de France curator Marie-Laure Prévost, Florian Rodari and writer Luc Sante.

Dawoud Bey
Dawoud Bey
Queens Museum of Art
Apr. 22-Aug. 30, 1998
Bold gestures of teenage identity -- featured in Dawoud Bey's large polaroid triptychs of high school students from three Queens schools.
Sponsor: AT&T.

Robert Colescott
Triumph of Christianity
Robert Colescott: Recent Paintings
Queens Museum of Art
Apr. 22-Aug. 30, 1998
19 paintings premiered at the 47th Venice Biennale by Robert Colescott, whose work melds high modernism and social commentary.
Organized by: Independent curator Miriam Roberts.
Catalogue essays: Miriam Roberts and Met curator Lowery Stokes Sims.
Stops: University of Arizona Museum, Tucson (Oct. 20, 1998-Jan. 5, 1999); University of California Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley (May 12-Aug. 29, 1999); Portland Art Museum, Oregon (Jan. 22-Mar. 28, 1999); Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, (Sept. 15, 1999-Jan. 2, 2000); SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico (dates to be announced).
Sponsors: Dain Rauscher Incorporated et al.

David Hockney
New Paintings by David Hockney
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Apr. 24-July 31, 1998
Two enormous studies of the Grand Canyon (spanning some 30 canvases), plus six English landscapes by British-born artist David Hockney.

Agnes Martin
Untitled #10

Richard Tuttle
Yellow Backdrop
Agnes Martin/Richard Tuttle
Modern Museum of Fort Worth
Apr. 26-Aug. 2, 1998
Mysterious affinities revealed in a dual exhibition of Minimalists and longtime friends Agnes Martin and Richard Tuttle.
Organizer: Modern curator Michael Auping.
Stop: Site Santa Fe (Aug. 15-Oct. 20, 1998).

Chaim Soutine
The Pastry Cook
ca. 1927
An Expressionist in Paris: The Paintings of Chaim Soutine
Jewish Museum, New York
Apr. 26-Aug. 16, 1998
50 gestural works dating from Soutine's arrival in Paris in 1913 to his death during World War II.
Stops: Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Sept. 17, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999); Cincinnati Art Museum (Feb. 14-May 2, 1999).

Richard Pousette-Dart
Within the Room
Richard Pousette-Dart: The Studio Within
Whitney Museum
Apr. 29-Sept. 13, 1998
20 paintings, a selection from over 200 notebooks and a partial recreation of the Ab-Ex painter's studio.
Curator: Adam D. Weinberg.

Louise Nevelson
Royal Tide II
Louise Nevelson: Structures Evolving
Whitney Museum
Apr. 29-Sept. 13, 1998
27 sculptures and 16 works on paper depicting Nevelson's penchant for reassembling components of past work.
Curator: Beth Venn.