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Cloth of Gold:
Winged Lions and Griffins

ca. 1250
When Silk was Gold: Central Asian and Chinese Textiles in the Metropolitan and Cleveland Museums of Art
Metropolitan Museum
Mar. 3-May 17, 1998
Eat your heart out, House & Garden! 65 textiles from the 8th to the early 15th centuries.
Curators: James Watt (Met) and Anne E. Wardell (former Cleveland).
Catalogue essays: Morris Rossabi, Anne E. Wardell, James Watt.
Sponsors: MetLife, William Randolph Hearst Foundation.

The Army of Work and Peace Answers the Fuhrer, Yes!
Blackletter: Type and National Identity
Cooper Union, New York City
Mar. 3-Apr. 25, 1998
Four European blackletter styles dating from the 15th century, including the sinister Gothic script favored by the Nazis.
Curators: Peter Bain, Paul Shaw.
Blackletter monograph contributors: Paul Shaw, Peter Bain, Cooper Union professors Philipp Luidl, Philipp Bertheau, Christopher Burke, Hans Peter Wilberg and journalist Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin.

Joan Snyder
Our Foremothers
Joan Snyder: Works on Paper
Brooklyn Museum of Art
Mar. 6-Jun. 14, 1998
Female symbols and death -- in 40 works on paper by the New York art brut expressionist painter.
Organizer: BMA curator Marilyn Kushner.

John Steuart Curry
Self Portrait
John Steuart Curry: Inventing the Middle West
Elvehjem Museum of Art, Madison, Wisconsin
Mar. 7-May 17, 1998
Nearly 50 paintings and drawings from 1927 to 1941 by the Kansas-born American Regionalist.
Curator: Patricia Junker, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.
Stops: De Young Museum, San Francisco (June 13-Aug. 30, 1998); Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City, Mo., (Oct. 11, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999).
Sponsors: Henry Luce Foundation; NEH; NEA.

Standing Archer
Qin dynasty (221-206 B.C.)
Eternal China -- Splendors from the First Dynasties
Dayton Art Institute
Mar. 7-Jun. 7, 1998
115 rare objects from the Qin and Han dynasties, including 11 life-size terracotta warrior figures in battle poses.
Curator: Dayton Art Institute curator Li Jian.
Co-organizer: Administrative Bureau of Museums and Archaeological Data of Shaanxi Province, People's Republic of China.
Catalogue essays: Li Jian, University of Michigan-Dearborn professor Susan Erickson and Beijing Institute archaeologist Yue Hongblin.
Stop: Santa Barbara Museum (July 8-Oct. 18, 1998).
Sponsors: General Motors, et al.

Yayoi Kusama
Accumulation of Nets
Love Forever: Yayoi Kusama
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Mar. 8-June 8, 1998
80 works by the Japanese cult figure best known for her everyday objects covered with phallus-like protrusions.
Curators: Lynn Zelevansky (LACMA) and Laura Hoptman (MoMA).
Catalogue essays: Lynn Zelevansky, Laura Hoptman, Alexandra Munroe, Akira Tatehata.
Stops: Museum of Modern Art; Walker Art Center; Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo.
Sponsor: Nippon Foundation.

Louise Bourgeois
Harmless Woman
"Sacred and Betrayal": The Art of Louise Bourgeois
North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh
Mar. 8- May 31, 1998
Love, betrayal and sexual bewilderment in 20 works drawn from Bourgeois' long career.
Curators: Lucy Daniels Foundation director Lucy Daniels Inman and North Carolina Museum curator Huston Paschal.
Sponsor: Lucy Daniels Foundation.

Georg Baselitz
George Baselitz: Portraits of Elke
North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh
Mar. 8-May 17, 1998
Over 50 paintings, drawings, watercolors and prints of Baselitz's wife, Elke.
Curator: Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth curator Michael Auping.
Organizer: Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.
Stops: Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh; Museum of Contemporary Art, Monterrey, Mexico.

Li Shida (painting) and Wen Zhenmeng (caligraphy)
Mountain Market, Clearing Mist
(act. 1574-after 1621)

Poetic Landscapes from Two Chinese Albums
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Wash., D.C.
Mar. 8-July 5, 1998
Ink brushwork simulates charcoal-like texture -- in 21 landscapes inscribed with caligraphy from 17-century China.
Curator: Joseph Chang.

"I'll stay here, you go to Radha!"
From part 5, "Lotus-eyed Krishna Longing for Love,"
of the Gita Govinda (Love song of the dark lord)
ca. 1820-25
Sakhi: Friend and Messenger in Rajput Love Paintings
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Wash., D.C.
Mar. 8-July 7, 1998
34 paintings from the 17th to 19th centuries featuring Sakhi, a kind of Indian female cupid who seeks to unite separated lovers.
Curator: Sackler Gallery curator Vidya Dehejia.
Sponsor: Smithsonian Women's Committee.

Eugene von Breunchenhein
ca. 1967-69
Self-Taught Artists of the 20th Century: An American Anthology
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Mar. 10-May 17, 1998
Extraterrestial and apocalyptic visions in 300 works by over 30 artists.
Curators: Paley/Levy Galleries director Elsa Longhauser and Harald Szeemann (Kunsthaus Zurich).
Catalogue essays: Maurice Berger, Arthur Danto, folklorist Gerald Davis.
Stops: High Museum, Atlanta (July 14-Sept. 20, 1998); Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and Amon Carter Museum (Oct. 31, 1998-Jan. 24, 1999); Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY (Feb. 20-Apr. 18, 1999); Wexner Center, Columbus, Oh (May 7-Aug. 15, 1999).
Sponsors: Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund, Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.

Pierre-Paul Prud'hon
Psyche Carried Off by the Zephyrs
Pierre-Paul Prud'hon
Metropolitan Museum
Mar. 10-June 17, 1998
56 paintings and 110 works on paper by 18th-century allegorical painter and portraitist Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, whose work, Psyche Carried Off by the Zephyrs was awarded the Legion of Honor by Napoleon.
Organizers: Musée du Louvre curator Sylvain Lavessiére and Met curator Gary Tinterow.
Sponsors: Cowen & Company; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Cohen.

Sargent Johnson
Sargent Johnson: African-American Modernist
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Mar. 13-July 7, 1998
60 works profiling the stylistic development of San Francisco artist Sargent Johnson (1888-1967) who began his career making government-funded regionalist art. The show includes naturalistic sculpture, African-influenced masks and abstract expressionist lithographs.
Curator: Art historian Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins.
Catalogue essays: Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins, Yale professor Judith Wilson.
Sponsor: NEA.

Sean Scully
(Untitled) Munich 7.2.96
Sean Scully
Milwaukee Art Museum
Mar. 13-May 10, 1998
56 Matisse-inspired color fields on paper by the abstract artist.
Organizers: Staaliche Graphische Sammlung, Munich and MAM curator Dean Sobel.

Romare Bearden
Romare Bearden in Black and White:
The Photomontage Projections of 1964

Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte
Mar. 14-May 10, 1998
20 photomontages and 5 collages inspired by the civil rights movement.
Catalogue essay: Whitney Museum curator Thelma Golden.

Alan Rath
Friends and Acquaintances
Alan Rath: New Robotic Sculpture
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
Mar. 14-May 31, 1998
The M.I.T.-trained electrical engineer and artist offers six installations of performing robotic sculpture.
Curator: Renny Pritikin.
Next stop: Huntington Beach Art Center, Cal. (July 11-Sept. 6, 1998).
Sponsors: David Bermant Foundation, et al.

Ida Applebroog
Shirley Temple Went to France
Ida Applebroog: Nothing Personal, Paintings 1987-1997
Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Mar. 14-June 1, 1998
60 works by the maverick expressionist.
Curator: Corcoran Gallery curator Terrie Sultan.
Catalogue essays: Author Dorothy Allison, Terrie Sultan, Arthur Danto.
Sponsors: Andy Warhol Foundation; President's Exhibtion Fund; Aaron and Barbara Levine.

Olówè of Isè
Bowl with figures
Olówè of Isè: A Yoruba Sculptor for Kings
National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Wash., D.C.
Mar. 15, 1998 - Sept. 7, 1998
35 works by Olówè of Isè (ca. 1873-1938) who was the favored sculptor of Nigerian kings.
Curator: NMAA director Roslyn A. Walker.

Doris Salcedo
Unland: irreversible witness
Unland/Doris Salcedo
New Museum of Contemporary Art
Mar. 19-May 31, 1998
Ghostly sculptures evoking victims of state violence by Columbian artist Doris Salcedo. The show inaugurates the expanded New Museum.
Organizers: New Museum curator Dan Cameron, SITE Santa Fe.
Catalogue contributors: Dan Cameron, Charles Merewether and designer Abbott Miller.

Robert Cumming
The Clutter of Happenstance: Photographs by Robert Cumming
Museum of Modern Art
Mar. 19-June 15, 1998
40 photographs of objects in bizarre circumstances by the American multimedia punster.
Organizers: MoMA curator Darsie Alexander.

Kiki Smith
Destruction of Birds
Kiki Smith: Night
Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, D.C.
Mar. 19-June 21, 1998
A nocturnal environment of lifeless crows, bird's nests and animal droppings.
Curator: Phyllis Rosenzweig.

Nicholas II and Alexandra
Jewels of the Romanovs: Treasures of the Russian Imperial Court
Brooklyn Museum of Art
Mar. 20-July 5, 1998
Last stop of touring blockbuster -- 200 objects representing three centuries of the Romanov dynasty, including royal portraits, military uniforms and the 52-carat Caesar's ruby presented to Catherine the Great.
Sponsor: Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation.

Susan Hiller
Wild Talents
Susan Hiller: Wild Talents
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
Mar. 21-May 3, 1998
Exhibition of the Damned? Two wall-size projections examining children with paranormal powers (and a slideshow of ancestral skulls) by anthropologist/multimedia artist Susan Hiller.
Curator: ICA director Patrick T. Murphy.


Sarah Charlesworth
Sarah Charlesworth: A Retrospective
Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Mar. 22-June 13, 1998
Rephotographed glamour-mag clips examining image-consciousness in the artist's first comprehensive exhibition.
Curators: Susan Fisher Sterling, National Museum of Women in the Arts; Louis Grachos, SITE Santa Fe.
Catalogue essays: Susan Fisher Sterling, Whitney curator Lisa Phillips, Dave Hickey.
Sponsors: Burnett Foundation, et al.

The Duty of the Hour...
Caricature, Puck, 1898
Militant Metropolis: New York City and the Spanish-American War 1898
New York Historical Society
Mar. 25-July 12, 1998
The commemoration the centenary of the Spanish-American War via photos of newspaper caricatures and battle-songs on stereographs.
Curator: Baruch College professor Alfonso W. Quiroz.
Sponsors: Consulate General of Spain in New York; New York State Council on the Arts; Reed Foundation; New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

Andy Warhol
Brillo Box
The Great American Pop Art Store: Multiples of the Sixties
Baltimore Museum
Mar. 25-May 24, 1998
100 works by Johns, Lichtenstein, Rauschenberg, etc. Includes Warhol's unique Cloud Room.
Curator: Constance W. Glenn.
Organizer: University Art Museum, California State University, Long Beach.
Sponsor: NEA.

Ralph Bartholomew, Jr.
Untitled[Woman Posing Sequence] for Playtex
ca. 1950
Retail Fictions: The Commercial Photography of Ralph Bartholomew, Jr.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Mar. 26-June 15, 1998
100 works by corporate photographer Ralph Bartholomew, Jr. who used the stroboscopic multi-exposure technique to target and define the 1950s teen market.
Curator: LACMA curator Tim B. Wride.

Ann Hamilton
Privation and Excesses
the body and the object: Ann Hamilton 1984-1996
Miami Art Museum
Mar. 27-June 7, 1998
A survey of Ann Hamilton's current installation work joined on Apr. 2 by woven: a table covered with flowers accompanied by voices emanating from short-wave radios.
Curator: Wexner Center director Sarah Rogers.
Sponsor: Wexner Center Residency Award Program et al.

Claude Monet
The Japanese Footbridge
Monet: Paintings of Giverny from the Musée Marmottan
Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore
Mar. 29-May 31, 1998
22 late Monets, plus an exhibition of 19th-century works from the Walters' collection.
Curator: Walters Art Gallery associate director William R. Johnston.
Catalogue essays: Monet scholar Paul Hayes Tucker, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco curator Lynn Federle Orr and photographer Elizabeth Murray.
Co-organizers: San Diego Museum of Art, Portland Art Museum.
Stops: San Diego Museum (June 28-Aug. 30, 1998); Portland Museum (Sept. 20-Nov. 22, 1998).
Sponsor: NationsBank

Claude Monet
Camile Monet on her death bed
Monet: A Turning Point
Dallas Museum
Mar. 29-May 17, 1998
Some 30 works, mostly winter landscapes, from 1878-81, inspired by his wife's fatal illness and financial troubles.
Sponsor: Kimberly-Clark Corporation.

Alexander Calder
Rearing Stallion
ca. 1928
Alexander Calder: 1898-1976
National Gallery, Washington, D.C.
Mar. 29-July 12, 1998
More than 250 works commemorating the centenary of Calder's birth.
Stop: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (Sept. 4-Dec. 1, 1998).
Sponsor: GTE Corporation.