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  new this month in u.s. museums

Diadem, Cattleya Orchid
ca. 1903-04
The Jewels of Lalique
Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York
Feb. 3-Apr. 12, 1998
Flowers, reptiles and insects meet mysterious women in 200 pieces by Art Nouveau jeweler René Lalique.
Curator: Former Musée des Arts Décoratifs director Yvonne Brunhammer
Organizer: Exhibitions International
Stops: Smithsonian International Gallery, Washington, D.C. (May 15-Aug. 15, 1998); Dallas Museum of Art (Sept. 13, 1998-Jan. 10, 1999).
Sponsor: Lalique North America

Josep Renau
Peasant, defend with weapons the government
that has given you the land

The Visual Front: Spanish Civil War Posters
Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, New York
Feb. 4-Mar. 28, 1998
More than 40 anti-fascist posters from the Spanish civil war plus drawings made by children living in refugee camps during the period.
Curator: Columbia University professor Alexander Vergara

Giovanni Battista Gaulli
Concert of Angels
ca. 1672
The Invisible Made Visible: Angels from the Vatican
UCLA Armand Hammer Museum
Feb. 4-Apr. 12, 1998
Spiritual intermediaries, from genies to Dalis, via 100 works never seen together outside the Vatican.
Curators: Vatican Museums curators Arnold Nesselrath and Father Allen Duston.
Organizer: Art Services International.
Catalogue contributors: Pope John Paul II, Arnold Nesselrath, Father Duston and other Vatican scholars
Stops: Saint Louis Art Museum, (May 9-Aug. 2, 1998); Detroit Institute, (Aug. 23-Oct. 18, 1998); Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, (Nov. 8, 1998-Jan. 3, 1999); and the Norton Museum, West Palm Beach, Fla., (Jan. 23-Mar. 21, 1999).
Sponsor: Chrysler Corp.

Lavinia Fontana
Portrait of the Noblewoman
ca. 1580
Lavinia Fontana of Bologna (1552-1614)
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.
Feb. 5-Jun. 7, 1998
25 paintings, etchings and drawings by the Renaissance painter whose work was commissioned by two Popes, including the 20-foot-high The Stoning of St. Stephen Martyr.
Curator: Vera Fortunati
Co-organizer: Cultural Initiatives Agency of the Emilia-Romagna Region
Sponsors: Italian federal and local government.

Rearing Dragon
Tang dynasty (618 - 907)
China: 5,000 Years
Guggenheim Museum
Feb. 6-Jun. 3, 1998
The Gugg's latest continental supershow features 500 works in diverse media dating from the Neolithic period to the present.
Curators: Former Cleveland Museum director Sherman Lee, New York dealer Howard Rogers and Chinese art scholar Julia Andrews.
Catalogue essays: Jenny So, James Cahill, Zhao Feng, Michael Knight, Wu Hung, Peter Sturman, Helmut Brinker, Elizabeth Childs-Johnson, Regina Krahl, Patricia Ebrey, Zhang Wenbin, Ma Chengyuan, Wang Qingzheng, Su Bai, Liu Jiuan, Yu Weichao, Kuiyi Shen, Jonathan Spence, Shan Guolin, Christina Chu, Xue Yongnian, May-Ching Kao and Joan Lebold Cohen.
Stops: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain (July 1998).
Sponsors: Lufthansa; Nokia; Starr Foundation; Spencer Foundation; NEA.

Thracian silver gilt appliqué
in the form of a lion attacking a stag

4th century B.C.
Ancient Gold: The Wealth of the Thracians
St. Louis Art Museum, St. Louis Missouri
Feb. 5-Apr. 12, 1998
200 gold and silver vessels excavated in Bulgaria from 15 royal tombs of Ancient Thrace -- a vast Roman-conquered empire that covered most of central Europe in the 5th millennium B.C.
Curator: Former Bulgarian minister Ivan Marazov
Organizer: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Trust for Museum Exhibitions.
Catalogue essays: Ivan Marazov, Alexander Fol, Margarita Tacheva and Ivan Venedikov.

Thomas and William Daniell
South View of the Taj Mahal at Agra
Interaction of Cultures: Indian and Western Painting (1780-1910)
M. H. de Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco
Feb. 7- May 3, 1998
The British colonization of India, via 103 works drawn from San Francisco surgeon William K. Ehrenfeld's collection. Includes scenes of Indian mutinies against the English.
Catalogue essay: Joachim K. Bautze
Stops: Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pa., plus other stops.

Auguste Renoir
Mademoiselle Marie-Thérèse
Durand-Ruel Sewing

Renoir's Portraits: Impressions of an Age
Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth
Feb. 8-Apr. 26, 1998
The first major show of Renoir's portraits (60 works in all).
Curator: National Gallery of Canada chief curator Colin B. Bailey
Organizers: National Gallery of Canada, Art Institute of Chicago and the Kimbell Art Museum.
Catalogue essays: Colin B. Bailey, Linda Nochlin and Anne Distel.
Sponsors: Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities.

Helio Oiticica
Dancing with Parangole Capes

Out of Actions: Between Performance and the Object 1949-1979
Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Feb. 8-May 10, 1998
Performance art lives! Another wacky survey show from L.A., including works by Schneemann, Nitsch, and Kelley.
Curator: MOCA chief curator Peter Schimmel.
Catalogue essays: Independent curators Guy Brett and Kellie Jones, Collection Friedrichshof curator Hubert Klocker, Osaka National Museum curator Shinichiro Osaki and Duke University professor Kristine Stiles.
Stops: MAK-Austrian Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna (Jun. 17-Sept. 6, 1998); Museu d'art Contemporani, Barcelona (Oct. 15, 1998-Jan. 6, 1999); Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (Feb. 13-Apr. 11, 1999); and the National Museum of Modern Art, Osaka (May 27-Aug. 8, 1999).
Sponsors: Audrey and Sydney Irmas Charitable Foundation.

Rosemarie Trockel
Each Animal is an Artist
Artist/Author: Contemporary Artists' Books
Weatherspoon Art Gallery, Greensboro, N.C.
Feb. 10-Apr. 5, 1998
15 years of artist's books.
Curators: Cornelia Lauf and former MoMA library director Clive Phillpot.
Organizer: American Federation of the Arts.
Stops: 5 TBA venues in 1999.
Sponsor: Ruth Bowman and Fifth Floor Foundation.

J. M. W. Turner
Totnes on the River Dart
for the Rivers of England

ca. 1824
J.M.W. Turner, "That Greatest of Landscape Painters": Watercolors from London Museums
Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa
Feb. 8-Apr. 12, 1998
Turner in Tulsa, via 42 watercolors from three London museums (the Courtauld, the Tate and the V&A). Mounted in conjunction with a show of "America's Turner," i.e., Thomas Moran, at Tulsa's Gilcrease Museum (Feb. 8-Apr. 12, 1998) entitled "Near Turner's Point of View."
Organizer: Philbrook curator Richard P. Townsend.
Catalogue essays: Richard P. Townsend and Turner specialists Andrew Wilton, David Blayney Brown and Ian Warrell.

Georges de La Tour
The Penitent Magdalen,
(The Magadalen with Two Flames)

ca. 1635-45
Conversion by Candlelight: The Four Magdalens by Georges de La Tour (1593-1652)
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Feb. 10-Mar. 15, 1998
Mary Magdalen contemplates vanity and redemption, in four candle-lit compositions supplemented by La Tour's great nativity, The Adoration of the Sheperds.
Organizer: Met curator Keith Christiansen.

Figurines: male, male with infant, and child
Great Cities, Small Treasures: The Ancient World of the Indus Valley
Asia Society, New York
Feb. 11-May 3, 1998
Over 100 clay and stone objects from new digs in Pakistan.
Curator: University of Wisconsin professor Jonathan Mark Kenoyer.
Organizers: Pakistan Ministry of Culture.
Stop: Elvehjem Museum, Madison, Wisc. (Sept. 19-Nov. 8, 1998).
Sponsors: Pakistan Ministry of Culture; Pakistan International Airlines; MetLife; Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America; Beningson family.

Bill Viola
The Sleep of Reason
Bill Viola
Whitney Museum
Feb. 12-May 10, 1998
15 installations, 25 videotapes and drawings that meld spirituality and technology in the largest exhibition ever devoted to a video artist.
Curators: Whitney director David A. Ross, in an installation by theater impressario Peter Sellars
Catalogue essays: David A. Ross and Lewis Hyde.
Stops: Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (Sept.-Nov. 1998); Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main (Jan.-Apr. 1999); San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (June 7-Sept. 7, 1999); Art Institute of Chicago (Oct. 16, 1999-Jan. 16, 2000).
Sponsor: VEBA, et al.

Robert Rauschenberg
Robert Rauschenberg: A Retrospective
Contemporary Arts Museum
Menil Collection
Museum of Fine Arts
Feb. 13-May 17, 1998
Nearly 300 works in the largest solo show ever held in Houston.
Curators: Menil Collection director Walter Hopps and associate curator Susan Davidson.
Catalogue contributors: Walter Hopps, Trisha Brown, Ruth E. Fine, Billy Klüver, Julie Martin, Rosalind Krauss, Steve Paxton, Nancy Spector and Charles F. Stuckey.
Future stops: Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany (June 27-Oct. 11, 1998); Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain (Nov. 20, 1998-Feb. 26, 1999).
Sponsor: Philip Morris.

Steven Pippin
Walking backward
Steven Pippin: New Work -- Laundromat/Locomotion
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Feb. 13, 1998 - May 15, 1998
British artist Steven Pippin converts a bank of washing machines and a box of biscuits into cameras for Muybridge-like motion studies.
Organizers: SFMOMA curator Gary Garrels.
Sponsors: Collectors Forum.

Arthur Dove
Silver Sun
at the Whitney
Arthur Dove/Helen Torr: Land and Water
Metropolitan Museum
Feb. 14, 1998 - June 14, 1998
Dove left his first wife to live on a boat with Helen "Red" Torr -- here, some 25 works that followed.

Fernand Léger
Nude on a red background
Fernand Léger
Museum of Modern Art
Feb. 15-May 12, 1998
Fantastic survey ranges from Analytic and Synthetic Cubism to great late blue-collar pix, plus examples of his Surrealist phase. The traveling show orginated in Europe.
Catalogue contributors: Carolyn Lanchner, Jodi Hauptman, Matthew Affron, Beth Handler and Kristen Erickson.

E Walk
on the new 42nd St.
Tishman Realty & Construction Co.
Arquitectonica: The Times Square Project
National Design Museum, Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York
Feb. 17-May 10, 1998
The Miami architecture firm presents a working model and drawing plans of its 47-story hotel complex for the renewed Times Square -- a building with a light-filled crevice suggesting a meteor strike.
Curator: Cooper-Hewitt chief librarian Stephen Van Dyk.
Organizer: D. F. Gibson Architects.

Juan Sanchez
For Don Pedro
Thinking Print: Books to Billboards, 1980-85
Henry Art Gallery, Seattle
Feb. 18-May 3, 1998
MoMA's survey of contemporary prints, including works by Francesco Clemente, Lucian Freud and Edward Ruscha.
Curator: MoMA curator Deborah Wye.
Sponsors: Lannan Foundation, MoMA's Contemporary Exhibition Fund, etc.

George Segal
Bus Riders
George Segal, A Retrospective: Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
Feb. 19-May 17, 1998
Pop art sculptor George Segal's 62-work retrospective of alienated white-plaster figures includes early figure paintings and pastels.
Curator: Marco Livingstone
Stops: Jewish Museum, New York (June 14-Oct. 4, 1998) and Miami Art Museum (Dec. 17, 1998-Mar. 7, 1999).

Richard Artschwager
Bristle Exclamation Point
Pop Abstraction
Museum of American Art, Philadelphia
Feb. 21-Apr. 19, 1998
Clean and bright art, from Warhol's Brillo Boxes to Halley's Day-glo abstractions. Includes works by the usual suspects plus Jenny Holzer, Jim Isermann, Haim Steinbach, Jessica Stockholder, Fred Tomaselli, etc.
Curator: Sid Sachs.

Christian Boltanski
20 Dead Swiss
Christian Boltanski: So Far
Kemper Museum, Kansas City
Feb. 21-May 3, 1998
17 works from three series, including: Ombres, the Monument Series and the recent Jewish School of Grosse Hamburgerstrasse in Berlin in 1938.
Curator: Kemper Museum curator Dana Self.


Cindy Sherman
Untitled Film Still #21
Cindy Sherman: Retrospective
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Feb. 21-May 31, 1998
Some 150 works seen last month at the L.A. Museum of Contemporary Art.
Curators: Elizabeth A.T. Smith (L.A. MOCA) and Amada Cruz (MCA Chicago)
Catalogue essays: Elizabeth A. T. Smith, Amada Cruz and Amelia Jones
Stops: Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague (June 25-Aug. 23, 1998); Barbican Art Gallery, London (Sept. 10-Dec. 13, 1998); Mus&eacutee d'art Contemporain, Bordeaux (Feb. 6-Apr. 25, 1999); Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (June 4-Aug. 29, 1999); Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto (Oct. 1, 1999-Jan. 2, 2000).
Sponsor: Sarah Lee Foundation.

Mbangu Mask
Central Pende
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Treasures of African Art from the Tervuren Museum
California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco
Feb. 21-Apr. 19, 1998
125 Central African works selected from the Belgian museum. The Mbungu Mask was a source of inspiration for Picasso.
Stops: Museum for African Art, New York (May 14-Aug. 11, 1998); Saint Louis Art Museum (Sept. 11-Nov. 29, 1998); Art Institute of Chicago (Dec. 16-Mar. 14, 1999); Künstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Dusseldorf (Apr. 16-June 27 1999); Fundació Caixa de Catalunya, Barcelona (July 19-Sept. 12, 1999).

Thomas Schütte
100 Years of Sculpture: From the Pedestal to the Pixel
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
Feb. 22-May 24, 1998
100 works from the collection from Rodin through Minimalism and beyond, including Sherrie Levine, Thomas Schütte, Dorit Cyplis, Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds, Glenn Ligon, Mike Kelley, Gary Simmons, Jana Sterbak and Matthew Barney.
Curator: Walker chief curator Richard Flood.
Installation designers: Minneapolis Institute of Art curators Patrick Noon and Christopher Monkhouse.

Chuck Close
Chuck Close
Museum of Modern Art
Feb. 26-May 26, 1998
90 paintings, drawings and photographs, plus a special exhibit of 35 prints.
Organizers: MoMA curators Robert Storr and Deborah Wye.
Catalogue contributors: Robert Storr, Deborah Wye and Kirk Varnedoe.
Stops: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (June 20-Sept. 13, 1998); Hirshhorn Museum (Oct. 15, 1998-Jan. 10, 1999); Seattle Art Museum (Feb. 18-May 9, 1999).
Sponsors: Michael and Judy Ovitz

Augustin Pajou
Nathalie de Laborde
Augustin Pajou, Royal Sculptor
Metropolitan Museum
Feb. 26-May 24, 1998
120 portrait busts, models and drawings in the first comprehensive exhibition of the 18th-century French sculptor, whose Psyche Abandoned, (1790) was removed from the Salon for its realistic nudity.
Organizers: Metropolitan Museum, Réunion des Musées Nationaux, and the Mus&eacutee du Louvre.
Catalogue contributors: Met curator James David Draper, Musée du Louvre curator Guilhelm Scherf.
Sponsor: Florence Gould Foundation.

Andreas Gursky
Chicago, Mercantile Exchange
Andreas Gursky
Milwaukee Art Museum
Feb. 27-Apr. 26, 1998
11 large works by the German photographer, including images of a glacier and interiors of industrial plants.
Organizer: Milwaukee Art Museum curator Tom Bamberger.